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i have a 1980 firebird with a 3.8L V6 and i am chossing what exhaust i want to put on it. i was leaning tword a flowmaster delta 40 but he said that glass pac's are twice as loud. i want it to sound loud and agresive but not like a rice burner. what would you do?????

posted by  jrbosking

instead of putting a new exaust system on your f-body ( very good car choice by the way) why dont you just drop a v-8 and kill the 6?you can drop a v-8 in it for real cheap and then youll sound big and have the perfomance to back it up, the v-6 is good mind you but hey if your not worried about gas prices through the v-8 in, just my opinion reply back,
havnt posted in a while,
camaro67 :thumbs:

posted by  camaro67

i am trying to save on insurance and i have tryed to talk my old man into that and he said that i would kill my self (i have raced a jr dragster for 3 years so far) that wont work. so i am trying to acheve a good sound. what would you do? and would cherry bombs sound good?(i dont want a rice burner sound)

posted by  jrbosking

definatly wont be a ricer sound with glass pac's or cherry bombs it will sound like more power instead of the sound of mowing your lawn :thumbs:

posted by  krazysunfiregt


posted by  jrbosking

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