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I have a 94 camar with the riganal delco bose radio/tapedeck . im wanting to replace it.

THe manual for the car is all in Japanese. and living in new zealand there no source for this.

Does anyone know where i can get the wiring guide for this so i know what wire is which.


posted by  lonewolfnz

i'm not completely sure, but i dont have the same car as yours but i have the same year, and on my stock tape deck unit, when i ipulled it out of the housing, it had the diagram on it so check that if its not there, i would go to the chevy website, and ask them for the wiring guide for that year camaro, hope that helps

posted by  Neonlover04

buy the repair manual...the wire diagram is in the back i have a 95 that had the radio ripped out so i had to hard wire

posted by  nickcamaro

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