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I bought some clear corner lenses for my '99 Camaro Z28. How do I take the orange ones out to put the clear ones in? Has anyone else had to do this before? It looks like they may just pop out if you press on them, but I was wanting to make sure... thanks.

posted by  digital_punk

probably does pop off, but try looking at the new corner lamps you bought, and see if you can tell how those go on!

posted by  Neonlover04

neonlover, a piece of advice...STFU and stop post-whoring. Your giving useless, incorrect advice that nobody needs. The corner marker lenses do not just "pop off", there should be 2 screws or nuts holding them in from the backside of the bumper cover...if the 99 is built in a similar fashion as the 97, they can be a big pain in the ass. My cousins '97 kept burning out the r/f corner marker and I kept replacing it, so I have some experience.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

what the heck man you never read my things fully, i said "it prolly does pop off, but make sure you check the news ones you bought to see how those go on" geeze man. i dont dis ur remarks, i admit u know more then me, but i'm here to learn, and i always tell them to check somethihg if i'm not sure like i did this time. so please just read it full, if its wrong dont tell me to "STFU" please, man.

posted by  Neonlover04

if you're hear to learn, then don't try to give advice...if you're not well-educated on a certain subject it's better to not say anything at all than give a poor response and end up lookin like a jackass. try asking questions, look though old threads, that way you can get info on things you need to learn about.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

okay, thanx see thats all you needed to tell me, i am sorry, i came off as a jackass.

posted by  Neonlover04

You do know of course that some models of GM cars, the clear corners can be made from the original. You take the original corners, dip them into boiling water and heat the glue used. You can then peal away the orange refractor from the lens. I have done this with one of my buddies cars. It might not work on all cars, but you might want to check it out before you spend $35 on a set of clear corners. Just a simple home mod for anyone who is intrested. :thumbs:

posted by  Voda48

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