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hey guys, Im from Uk and Ive been spying around the trader websites looking for something hard wearing with a decent engine to haul my strongman equipment from place to place.
Ive been looking at Audi estates and the such but one vehicle that has taken my eye is the Ford F150 Lightning and F150 Harley Davidson 2door.

Whats your views and opinions on the F150 range for power. torque, reliability, cost to run etc etc

posted by  Scott

My advice would be to stay away from the Lightning and Harley models...they are fast trucks, but really weren't designed as haulers...that and maintenance costs can be a little on the high side...If you want a cheap, tough as nails truck...stick with ford, but go with an '84-'86 F150 with the 300ci six-cylinder and 4-speed(NP431) manual transmission. They don't make gobs of horsepower, but they are torque monsters...fuel mileage isn't great (i've recorded 15mpg and that's without overdrive). Parts are easy to find and quite cheap. With the 300 six banger and the above mentioned transmission, I've towed over 8,000lbs on a bumper hitch that was only rated to 2,000lbs...the truck had no problems towing at fact, that was the only time i used 1ST gear because it's so short. I put that truck through more abuse than you could imagine...from towing to street racing to off-roading, you name it, i did it.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

Thanks for the reply T-Bird

The thing is with the latest models of the F150 and Harley, I know they aint massive haulers but Im not going to be pulling a huge amount of weight, just a bit of strongman equipment.
Ive seen a few of the old 80's model F150s and they can look decent when clean but, I like the more modern look of the new models.

Im living in the UK at the moment then moving to france so I want something that can cover great distances with ease hence the reason why I was looking for a 6 cylinder or an 8 cylinder.

I get the feeling I might end up with an Audi :laughing:

posted by  Scott

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