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My friend bought an SVT focus two years ago completely unaware of the fact that it was going to be the most unlucky vehicle on the face of the planet. The first thing that went wrong was fords extremely weak stock clutch. Which took two weeks for ford to replace for some reason. After that was a huge amount of random problems with everything from electrical, to the sounds of a dead CV boot. Which is why I'm here today.(sorry I got a little carried away writing this story :wink2:, but please read it in it's entirety)

Two months ago a 78 year old woman turned left, her intention was to turn into wal-mart to buy some groceries. But instead she turned directly into the front left quarter panel of my friends wonderful car. She was only going about 5 but we were going the speed limit on that road, Forty miles an hour. And when she hit us the force was the equivalent of him driving at forty five miles an hour into a brick wall that only stuck out to half of his car. kinda like the insurance testing videos. But that’s not all, after that we slid into a truck that was on our right side. So there we sat sandwiched in between a Taurus and a Chevy Silverado. Needless to say, his car was destroyed. But since it wasn't his fault, insurance payed for it to be completely rebuilt.

Well, he got it back on friday. Seemingly completely normal... but since the insurance company couldn't find his fiberglass hood they got him a carbon fiber one instead. A bonus for him. The only problem was a slight clicking noise when he turned; I am very familiar with this noise because I own a Honda. As many Honda owners know, that sound means that his CV Boot was threatening to go out. But the sound stopped soon after, and we didn't give it a second thought. In retrospect we should have, because the next day we went to a local rotary performance shop where soon the mid day heat and general boredom led us to do stupid, stupid things.

We went into the street and sprayed it down with a hose so we could do some burnouts to get over the heat. After watching some very beautiful RX-7s throw some rubber for a while, someone called for my friend to show them what a front wheel drive piston engine could do. So he placed his tires in the water, pulled the e-brake, revved to 5500 and let out the clutch. Well the burnout was awesome, followed by a great run down the street where he tried to turn around and come back. But that didn't happen. As he turned to come back we saw him stop his car, get out and immediately look under it. I walked down to meet him where he informed me that when he turned the steering wheel left his car made horribly loud clunking noises and his steering wheel shook violently with each clunk.

Well we pushed it back to the shop because it seemed better that we dont put any more strain on the axle(which we assumed was the problem). But when we got back to the shop the resident certified mechanic said he thought that the axle had completely pulled itself out from the cv joint. But then when we tried to show him the horrible clunking sound of the car as it tried to turn, it was gone. Replaced instead by a loud squelching noise. He figured that as we were pushing it back to the shop the cv and axle were miraculously rejoined. We drove the car back to his house where it has been sitting for the past 6 hours. Because we are to afraid to push our luck and drive it again.

Now for the question, has anybody ever heard of a car doing this? Are there any other explanations to what happened to his car? What the hell is that squelching noise?

Thanks for reading through a very long story in order to get to a very short question.

posted by  Zalight

We found out what happened. It seems I left out an important detail to the story, After burning out we found the crushed and shredded remenants of a steel mesh cotton fiber high flow cone shaped air filter that was attached to his cold air intake. We figured that his burnout shook the filter so much that its crappy adhesive was broken and shaken loose from its clamp , which we found still clutching tightly to the intake pipe. But as we were now facing the larger problem of his car being unable to turn the day after he got it back from shop, we sorta put the filter thing on the back burner slaped a sock on the end of his pipe to stop the dirtier parts of the road from being sucked into his combustion chamber.

We should have paid better attention to the air filter because it turned out to be the cause of the problem, after burning out he took off down the road, running over the air filter and sending a chunk of steel into his wheel well somewhere. When he tried to turn the metal caught his rim and caused the clunk and shaking steering wheel. Then after a while the steel bent and was scraping against his tire, causing that infernal squeel.

So we took it back to the shop they found the problem, fixed it, and tightened up his CV boots a little bit any way. Then we slapped another filter on and his car was better than normal. We got tighter steering and a new air filter.

All is well that ends well they say, so I guess it's all good now. :clap:

posted by  Zalight

Just goes to show, don't jump to conclusions and blame the car when something seems to go wrong. And when you abuse a car, things tend to go bad, no matter what kind of car it is.

posted by  ChrisV

at least you had fun, right?

posted by  s13_Drifter

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