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i just recently installed a new stereo into my car and replaced speakers, and i was wondering if theres a technique for fishing wires through the dash without taking it apart and such

posted by  ninjaman935

well in order to wire up a new reciever, ur going to have to take the dash off, because the stock ones most of the time are screwed into the frame, and the screw are behind the dasboard surroundings.

posted by  Neonlover04

the reciever didnt require me to take the dash apart. i want to re-wire the rear speakers under the back seat without taking everything apart

posted by  ninjaman935

You could attach your new wires to the old wires. Make sure they are well attached with no protrusions to get hung up. (usually wrap the joint with electricians tape.)

Then go to the back of your car and pull your speaker wires through. This will pull your new wires into position where your old wires were.

Be aware, this will be a 2 person job (one to pull, the other to feed the wires into the dash) and there is a good chance that there will be too much friction (corners / carpet / carpet pad / anything else) to allow you to pull the wires easily. But you might get lucky.

If you are just fishing through the dash though, you should have no problem.

Good luck.

posted by  theman352001

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