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Hey everyone... I am just starting to get to upgrading my ride..97 Dodge Neon.. great i replace the stock 6X9's wit some killer blue pioneer 6x9's 220 watts just great.. so im lookin to upgrade from stock tape player to my 52X4 sony xplod mp3/cdplayer.. and im going to install it..just put the wiring kit on get it i unplug it to put the face plate on and such.. then i plug it back in and no power to my system..??.. checked the fuse..great ... changed for a new one just incase..still no power... so i was thinkin it was the i remove my xplod system and put my stock one back in.. still no power.. *stumped* when u turn it on the but no sound or power..the time doesnt show up.. i tried everything.. :banghead: ... any help would work thanx

posted by  97bluericekilla

make sure you tied the ground back on, you may have forgotten to do that, or it may have come loose. make sure ur wiring harness is correct, i dont know what else could cause it.

posted by  Neonlover04

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