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My 1982 Malibu with 54k orig. Key stuck in, can turn to start and it returns. can not get it out. Gear shifter WILL move (not supposed to). Thanks for any/all help.

posted by  Gerald

My vote, If it turns and your car works, then don't mess with it. You might try to pull it out and end up screwing something up and have to pay for a shop to fix it. At least you'll never loose your car key! I'm pretty sure no one would want to steal your car... but I could be wrong. If you care enough get another key for the door and keep it locked. Some people shell out massive cash to get a button to start their car, This is almost as xool and acts as a anti-theft device to extremly lazy car thiefs:
" I could turn the key and take this car but I was really hoping for a button start where I didn't have to expend extra energy. Oh well I'll go take a nap."

See it's a security system not a improperly working part! Good times! :laughing:

posted by  Zalight

Does this car have one of those ignition barrels where you have to press a button to release the key? It sounds like it to me.

If that's the case, then I'm guessing it won't activate the transmission interlock until the key is removed.

If it does have a button, and you've already tried that, then it's possible that it won't allow the key to be removed unless you're in 'park'. If you've tried all this, my guess is that the ignition barrel is broken.

posted by  heebee

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