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hey guys, lately ive been wanted to do somethin more to my 1996 TransAm, only i dont know wat to do.... i dont know if it is even possible to get a turbo kit for my car...and if so how much u guys think it would cost after everything? or i was also thinking of getting a complete Nitrious kit for my car aswell... and then i considered jus supercharging it too..... wat you guys think?

posted by  RaMa1r

I don't think it's possible to do a super and turbo charger setup. A turbo kit would probably cost about $3-500.

posted by  abless

that has been done actually.... in the 2nd USCC there was a first gen MR-2 with this set up. requires a shitload of work though.

posted by  Inygknok

um...my advice is to supercharge it...nitrous is worthless except in small bursts, and a turbo is really ideal for smaller engines...althought there are some larger engines with turbos, you see larger engines with superchargers more.

posted by  SuperJew

I highly doubt that there is a turbo kit available for your car...have you looked under the hood lately...barely any room for anything. Superchargers will run anywhere from $2,000-4,000 depending on brand. Installation will cost more, unless you think you can do the 8-12hr job yourself. You really can't run much boost because your LT-1 has something like 10:1 compression ratio so anything more than 6 or 8lbs and you'll start shooting rods out of your block.

Nitrous on the other hand only puts extra stress on your engine when you use it...blowers will stress your engine anytime you're in boost which would be quite frequently. Nitrous hits hard though, so keep it to no more than 100hp dry or 125hp wet.

In the long run the supercharger would probably end up being cheaper because you won't have to constantly fill pricey nitrous bottles.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

ahh, thx for clearin that up... it sounds like the supercharger would take me farther in the long run... how much hp u think that would add? and torque wise how much?

posted by  RaMa1r

the lt1 in your car has so much potential, you really dont need power adders unless you plan on doing some serious racing. you can run headers, get a performance cam, build up the drivetrain, etc... www.thunderracing.com has some good performance parts for 4th gen fbodies.

posted by  Pac127

a supercharger running 6lbs of boost, assuming you have a bone stock engine...would probably put you in the 350-375rwhp range and probably around 400lb-ft of torque. Now if you get a cam, headers, bigger injectors, cold air kit, oversized throttle body and MAF sensor, I think you'd easily see 450-500hp. Before doing anything, put an LT4 chip in your computer, other wise the computer will go into Limp Mode and start pulling timing and running rich because the knock sensor is waaaaaaaay to sensative. Even a performance exhaust could cause problems. Check out some F-body websites, I'm sure you'll find something on it.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

ohhh aite...thx alot for the advice

posted by  RaMa1r

my mistake, stay away from 8lbs of boost on a stock lt-1...even 6lbs will be pushing the envelope...the most common kits for your car are 4.5lbs, not the 6lbs that I thought...was getting confused with the 'stangs :banghead:

posted by  Sick88Tbird

I'd go turbo but it will cost substansially more than a nitrous kit...

I can't remember the company I read up on, but their bolt on LT1 kit makes over 600rwhp with two T3/4e turbos (at a relatively low boost..i believe it was 12psi or something close to that)...Cost : $7,000...but includes EVERYTHING you will ever need, including internals.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Hey thunderbird1100....I certainly hope that kit comes with dished 8.5:1 forged pistons! :thumbs: The kit may cost 7 grand, but I'm sure you'd get raped on the installation, engine tear-down and everything.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

I dont remember exactly the internals...just remember Forged, Forged, Forged, well, you get the picture. I think it even includes new rods and rockers as well as springs.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Turbo kit here, and the turbo is sold separately... Jeeze:

You might as well just get a Vortech...

Though here's an intersting turbo LT1 '97 Camaro:


posted by  ChrisV

I s'pose your decision is largely contingent upon what sort of power you're searching for. If you'd be looking for constant power through your daily driving, then a supercharger/turbocharger (It'd be in your best interest to leave the narrowing down between super and turbo to the gearheads- I've not a clue which would be better, or even more practical for your car- Alls I knows is what I'm sayin' right hurr.), but if you are looking for bursts of speed off the line, if you were, say, a street racer, then nitrous would probably be a better course of action. For quick bursts of speed, nitrous is truly unbeatable. So I guess it comes down to your evaluation of what power you want and when you want it. :wink2:

posted by  Patrick

I've been doing a bit of research and compiled a few turbo kits for you to look at.


Supposedly gives you over 360 whp (obviously you can tune this to A LOT more, dealing with turbos over superchargers is easier).


Another mild kit like the one above, i dont know if you are looking for massive gains or just a fun and nice street machine. You will notice though that turbo kits generally give more torque than superchargers would.


That's a wide range right there, anykind of power level you want. Keep in mind though that anything above 600hp and the enigne will need new internals.

posted by  thunderbird1100

hey, thanks alot for all that info tbird.. thats all the internal effects... wat about the sound tho? with that LT1 camero turbo kit if i were to get a nice blow off valve for that would my ride sound pretty bad? or u think with sound wise it would sound better with a super/krazy pully or somethin?

posted by  RaMa1r

The Turbos would awesome...I LOVE the sound of turbos over the whining sound of superchargers. This past weekend HP TV had a SBC TT build with Banks turbos. That thing kicked ass, only thing it was missing....an INTERCOOLER!!! Why they didnt have that was beyond me. But, that's a vital part. It all depends what BOV you put on it for sound...some are just EXTREMELY LOUD like the Turbo XS Type RFL and some are for more race engines and hold up to 35psi like TiAL BOV's. Myself I used a Greddy Type-S on my last turbo car and it was great...can hold up to 25psi and didnt sound loud at all (really i dont like to be obnoxious with the BOV... but some do).

posted by  thunderbird1100

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