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I was wondering about how much insurance would be on an S10 Extreme (since it is a truck..) compaired to a sports car would be. I am thinking of dropping my sports car idea and getting a truck like an S10 Extreme, since it is a faster model of a truck would the insurance be the same say as a sports car?

posted by  Conc3pt

Insurance costs depend on age, sex, and driving record and type of vehicle. Your best bet, is to call around and check with insurance companies in your area to find the best price for you.

posted by  JayDude

my friend is 16 and he just got a xtreme and his insurance isnt that hight. Nowhere close to lets say a mustang or camaro.

posted by  revtek

don't forget which state you are in...i'm of corse in Jersey and we have the highest freakin insurance. blah blah blah :x

posted by  JettaChiC20

i dunno how much it would bring it down, but id be a lot cheaper than a sports car

posted by  mazda6man

when i was 18 and it was 215 dollars a month for full coverage and that was as me being the primary driver.

posted by  ben310135

if you were actually smart you would have realised the thread has been abandoned for over a year now. :roll:

posted by  SuperJew

LMAO. That deserves a pimp slap SJ :laughing: BTW, we need the rofl smilie on this board.

posted by  importluva

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