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Ok i was driving a 1994 chrysler new yorker 3.5 liter v6. I was just driving regularly like 35 and then all of a sudden the engin shuts off on me for no reason. I pulled over thank god there was room. And i tryed to start it up again it started and turned off right away. I though it might of gotten overheated somehow, but on the guages temps were i waited like 5 minutes it got better, but then rpms got low to like 400 and nothing. So i got a freind to bring his car and a rope and we pulled it to my house. what can be wrong.

posted by  Kris

okay, i'm not completely sure on this one, but my friend had a problem like that, he has a ford contour but he thought it was his alternator. after he replaced the alternator, he found out that it was a fuse, that made it so the car ran off the battery instead of the alternator, so check ur fuses, thats all i know. Hope it helps

posted by  Neonlover04

It maybe fuel related. Clogged filter or bad fuel pump.

posted by  HD_Softy

There could be a million things wrong with it. Your best option is to probably take it into a shop.

posted by  abless

hi, i have fixed the problem and turned out that there was almost no fuel in the tank. I put in 6 more gallons and then it starteds up after a few tryes. But when i was driving it shoed that i had 25% of fuel left in the the fuel pump broken mayey. I have cheked the fuel filter and its fine. Is this something i should be worried about or should i just have more gas in the tank.

posted by  Kris

You just forgot to check the fuel gage. You always check the easy thing first dumb ass Just kidding

posted by  doorknob

didint i tell you it was 25% full it wasent on empty

posted by  Kris

Yes. That's what he should do.

No look you person, thats the whole freaking reason he came here for is to aviod going to a shop.

Check for fuel, check for spark. Trouble codes?

posted by  DodgeRida67

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