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hey i own a 74 chevy nova 350 v8 4bbl and i was wondering what an ignition box does and if i should buy MSD or accel. and what other things i would need in order for it to all work properly. im running a stock distributor with points. and i've been noticing that it takes a little longer to start my car as of late. so i think its time i do something to it. if anyone can help, thank you. -Nate

posted by  fAt2Rak005

I don't think an ignition box is going to make your car start faster. I would invest my money into a tune up first. I would get an HEI distributor (from a bone yard, they're cheaper and they interchange), adjust the timing, change your plugs and wires.
As far as MSD-vs-Accel, you can get Accel at Walmart, you have to go to a speed shop for MSD. No further questions, Your Honor.

posted by  HD_Softy

hahaha, thanks man. i changed the spark plugs and the wires are still new, less than a thousand miles. i'll recheck my timing and start looking around for a HEI. once again, thanks for your help HD_Softy.

so what does the MSD ignition hook up to? i plan on buying one soon, but i want to make sure it will work on my car and be worth it. i think im gonna get the 6A or maybe something from the 5 series. any advice or sugestions?

posted by  fAt2Rak005

Read over the MSD options for all the series and decide what you want it to do for your car. Basically, the units are the same with different features added for different users.

I went with a Crane system on my '74 914 and it has been working great. I also got rid of the points and put in an optical triggering system that is much more reliable.

One thing the MSD does (and ACCEL or Crane) is provide multiple spark discharge. This helps to ensure that all fuel is burned.

These units just hook right up to your distributer. There are different installation instructions depending on what you have currently. There are usually good instructions with the units that will show you what you need to know.

Good luck.

posted by  theman352001

alright thanks man. hey whats an optical triggering system?

posted by  fAt2Rak005

An optical pickup replaces the stock points. It usually consists of an LED, a sensor, and a plastic wheel that goes on your distributer shaft. The wheel will have a number of slots in it coresponding to the number of cylinders of your engine.

When the car is running, the slots pass through the LED/Sensor unit and each time a slot goes by, the sensor sees the light and tells the ignition system to fire a spark.

Nothing mechanical rubbing together so they rarely wear out.

posted by  theman352001

damn thats cool.

posted by  fAt2Rak005

n00b corner. They can make your car start faster. MSD beats the crap out of Accel.

posted by  DodgeRida67

In the May 2002 Edition of Car Craft magizine they did a test with a couple of digital ignition boxes

Accel 300+ 534.8lb-ft 497.8HP
MSD 6AL 532.9lb-ft 496H.0HP
Mallory VI-AL 529.5lb-ft 493.4HP
Crane HI-6 531.5lb-ft 491.8HP
Holley 800-50 531.1lb-ft 487.4HP

As you can see Accel and MSD are pretty close together but higher above the rest of the competiton. MSD makes the best ignition wires no doubt about it 50ohm/ft the closest Accel can get is 150ohms/ft. But when tested Accel came up higher with this ignition box test. For me im buying the Accel 300+ box next summer, along with Accel Super Spiral Wires (MSD doesnt make the 50ohms/ft wires for my application)

posted by  speedy266

Accel's 300+ wires are 150ohms/ft Accels Super Spiral are 500ohms/ft, the ones i have now, are really bad 10000ohms/ft, from napa, Belden Wires. I also reccommend AC Delco's Rapidfire plugs, they really are something, best plugs ive had. Denso makes nice plugs their iridium really fine center electrode, but there way to much.

posted by  speedy266

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