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So you fools think buick is dying, do ya? They're not. My buick runs the quarter in 8.9 secs at 159 mph...you cant take that madness! It tops out at around 195 and its 0-60 is 3.0 flat. the 3800 series engine is so good that they use it in planes...YOU CAN'T TAKE THE HEAT! Oh and by the way the AMERICAN COMPANY THAT'S DYING IS FORD AND CHEVY AND EVERYONE BUT BUICK. You know what else sucks? Cadillac...those cars ain't not fast at all! Oh and my other car is a supra but it sucks compared to my regal.

posted by  Buick Master

rriiigghhhtt :screwy:

posted by  Eclipse_2004

Seriously stop talking out of your ass! untill i see proof your just anthor moron who brags about things or statistic he dont even have evidence to prove.. like the hobo said prove it! untill then just shut up

posted by  Lukaz

Wow, you're quite the moron.

One thing no one else pointed out yet was he runs 159mph in the 1/4, he wont be running NEAR 195mph top speed. ANYONE who goes that fast in the 1/4 mile usually has VERY short gears (5.xx's) and basically redline and run out of gears right after the trap.

But it doesn't matter in your case, since you dont have the car :)

posted by  thunderbird1100

you = :tard:

only supercars go 195 miles an hour.

they dont use that 3800 sh*t in planes you retard...they use jets in planes.

posted by  SuperJew

Wtf? :screwy:

Nuh UH! He has a super buick... :laughing:

posted by  DSMer

It's paradoxicalness, just like smokin' pigs with motor wings. :rolleyes:

posted by  lutz

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