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I am not a Chevy Fan by no means but
I need some advice, I am thinking about buying a 1991 camaro, New 350 engine in it..and Its a Price no one should turn down.. How are these cars?? Are they good? I will have to give it a paint job.. Now..The interior is Burgandy..and the outside is white..I hate white..and the white isnt looking good..So I am trying to come up with a exterior color that would look good, and match the interior at the same time.. Any Ideas??

All help will be greatly appreciated :thumbs:

posted by  Hemi

Good buy (if its cheap...and i mean around $4000 at the most).

Can't go wrong with black.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Hope I dont upset you too much but........ My opinion is they are junk. I had a '88 IROC and a '91 Firebird and both cars were cool when new but after around 70,000 miles or so here come the troubles. Especially with the IROC's auto tranny. Oh yea, the squeaks and rattles were always a standard option on the F bodies and they only get worse with age. On the other hand, if the price is really right, snatch it up, restore it and enjoy it.

posted by  Jeffrey

yeah if the price is right buy it. look into metallic blue color it looks good on camaros

posted by  y2icon

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