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I currently own two Saturn Ion's: 2003 & 2004.

Over the summer, I tried my luck in building a hard-drive mp3 player out of an old computer to be used in one of the cars. I have purchased the cables necessary for connecting the computer to an audio input of the car stereo. However, I don't know how to remove the stereo from the dashboard, and therefore cannot access the desired inputs.

Please reply if you have or can link me to free stereo removal instructions for Saturn Ion (or any Saturn model, for that matter).

Thanks for your help,


posted by  Kchek

hmmm..just like every single other car that is made, the stereo system is...guess where? the dashboard. need proof? heres your ion's interior...


see the stereo? i hope you do...

posted by  SuperJew

I figured as much... Any removal instructions for me?

posted by  Kchek

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