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I just bought a 94 Eagle Talon with less than 30,000 mile's on it. And it run's smooth and I wanna do a little work to it. Does anyone know of any website's that have performance parts for it also any site's with body kit's and the like for it. Also if anyone has any idea's on what to get, tell me.

posted by  Skyline_R34

Is it a TSi Awd 5-Speed? 30,000k miles. DAYUM!! Thats one rare Talon if indeed it is a TSI. Check out this site here (www.dsmtuners.com) They have general guides on anything for the DSM(Diamond Star Motors, its what your car will be commonly refered to) car. If you need any help just come back and check with me, I'll be more than willing to help you out. I've done numerous mods on my guys GSX(cuz hes a lazy ass who makes me get my fingernails greasy), and I should be able to steer your car into the right direction of becoming the ass raping car that it is.

By ass raping, I mean claiming ass and money in drag races.

posted by  DSMer

Yea, It is a TSi awd 5-Speed. I forgot to mention that. Yea it is rare, my brother's best friend had it in his garage for a while. Never seen a winter, and he sold it to me for 1500 because he just bought a Nissan 350Z.

posted by  Skyline_R34

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