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Hi all, from another newbie.

I bought this 93 GT for my daughter about a year ago and she now has it at college. Trouble started last weekend and of course Dad gets the call. Here are the symptoms:

Turn the key and nothing happens....maybe a bit of chatter from the solenoid.
The ignithion chime is chiming, but the radio is dead and the lights won't turn on. When I try the lights the chime stops, so it seems like a battery/power connection somewhere.

I got it going by jiggling the ground connection at the firewall, and later I cleaned and tightened this connection. However it is still doing the same thing for her on campus. She got it going last time a few days ago by jiggling the positive cable. Seems a bit random...so I am wondering what really is going on. I think that the jiggling possibly has nothing to do with getting it started again and possibly just trying to make several attempts to start the car would have eventually worked as well.

So it leads me to ask, are there other components like an ignition relay for example that could give the same symptoms? I am baffeled at this point and in a couple of weeks I hope to get the car home and go to work on it.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

posted by  kwaskow

First thing put in a new battery, sounds like you dont have enough power to turn the starter, next make sure the engine can be turned over put a wrench on the crankshaft and make sure it can be moved The starter will not overcome a locked up engine. if it still (buzzes) the starter may be junk

posted by  Rhino77_99

providing the battery terminal is secured good, battery charge is good, all wire connection is good and tight, free of moisture, the escorts have a notorious problem with their ignition switch unit. if you are mechanical, you can take the cover off the steering wheel and on the right side you will see the white box like unit. inside of it the contacts start to burn, this was one of ford's minor weakpoints. get a new or good used one from the junk yard and replace. takes about 1 hr+ . usually the radio, windsheld wiper, goes out, or the ignition gets stuck in the start position. also check on fords recall, they do change the switch for no charge. depends on year make and model

posted by  doug wong

WTF are u talking about? don't give half-assed advice that may screw something up. And he goes to campus to fix it, don't think he wants to jam a wrench anyway. Geez :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :thumbs:

posted by  Carcass

What u can do is check connection on the starter and firewall again. If u have a voltmeter, check the resistance bewtween each connection. And i mean EACH. Such as bettery terminal and wire (where they connect on the + terminal). Then the wire and the next connection u see. U shouldn't have a resistance over .003 OHMS. If u do, replace the wire that doesn't pass the test or clean the connection first. Hope this helps. :thumbs:

posted by  Carcass

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