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I think everybody is familiar with Dodge/Chrystler's Special Racing Team (SRT). They were responsible for the Neon SRT-4, Magnum SRT-8, Viper SRT-10, and Ram SRT-10. Not to mention they were the ones behind Chrystler's Crossfire SRT-6 and the new 300C SRT-8. But with Dodge's next SRT-8 on its way (Charger), it's time they added an SRT-6 to complete the chain. It would have to be a model whose top engine is a V6, at which point Dodge could just go in and give it the SRT treatment. In my opinion, the only car I could see fit the profile, and it does so perfectly if I do say so myself, is the Stratus Coupe. It's good looking, practical, and quick. Not to mention, Dodge has already attempted to make a turbocharged version of the Stratus (2002 Stratus Turbo) , proving that Dodge has already considered making a more powerful version in the past. I think it sould be somewhere in between the Dodge Neon SRT-4 and Chrystler Crossfire SRT-6 (in terms of performance and horsepower). And it would probably also adopt the popular grill displayed on the SRT-4 and Viper. If you ask me, I don't think the SRT line up wold be as good without it. The only other possibility would be the, that wouldn't work.

posted by  STi Guy

Errr, bad idea, The Stratus isn't exactly a good car to do this on. It's popularity is just not good. Also, adding a turbo to it, would only make it torque steer down the road like no other (FWD car afterall). This is why it's not a good idea. If dodge wanted to do this, they'd let Mitsu do it for them and bring back the turbo 4g63's from the 1g/2g DSMs into the next gen Eclipse (4g, due out in a little bit) which the Eclipse is basically the same exact car as tha Stratus coupe. Of course, the next gen Eclipse is getting even shittier engines borrowed from the Galant (I wonder how much worse they will make them now too....).

posted by  thunderbird1100

why is that spoiler on that car...?????? it well, rices it out!

posted by  mazda6man

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