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I have just found out that there are only two valves operating in my '87 lebaron turbo...

Does anybody know what spark plugs should I use? It's 2.2 turbo 177Hp engine...

Thanks in advance

posted by  red.M.aciej

2 valves? I hope you mea 2 valves/cylinder.

What BRAND(?) spark plugs should you use? I'm lazy, tell me, what brands are avaliable for your car?

posted by  DodgeRida67

sorry, I meant that only 2 cylinders of 4 are working because of bad spark plugs... i don't know what spark plugs are mounted now but I would like to replace them and therefore I'm looking for information about the type I should use...

there's NO spark plugs available for this car... I'm in Poland... hehe... I have to know what I'm looking for so I can find it... Yes, there are original Chrysler maintanance houses but they are relatively expensive and it's very old car for them...

posted by  red.M.aciej

try www.partsamerica.com I'm sure they have what you need, but I don't know if they can ship it to you. Not sure really.

posted by  DodgeRida67

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