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I have an intermittant problem with this transmission oscilating in and out of O. D. at highway speed ( 55+). The engine and drive train is 1989 camaro TPI . The tranny guy told me the tranny was being told to shift by a sensor or the computer.
Can anyone help with this? :screwy:

posted by  Stretch

Help, yeah I can help. Find a new "tranny guy", this one is lost. Maybe he's been too busy worrying about the next phase his next sex change operations to learn about the latest technology concerning 20 year old transmissions.

The 700R4 is not an electronically controlled transmission (that would be a 4L60E) so there is no "sensor or computer" that would cause it to shift in and out of OD. The probable cause of that would be an incorrectly adjusted TV cable. Make sure your "tranny guy" knows that TV stands for throttle valve and not transvetite so he'll stay focused on the job at hand.

More importantly, are you sure it's shifting in and out of OD or is it locking and unlocking the torque convertor? That is a much more common problem, a very real possibility and it feels almost the same especially to the average joe (you) or the untrained transexual (tranny guy).

Keep us posted, somebody might care.

posted by  vwhobo

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