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A lot of people are saying the JGS will take over the lightning as the affoardable sport truck that can rip it at the track and then haul the trailer carrying you drag car home. But I am not convinced. Im a huge SVT fan and as far as I can tell the JGS only takes the lightning in one thing, its a standard where the lightnings an automatic. But I haven't seen any track times and Ive only heard wispers of HP and torque ratings. So Im gonna stick with ford on this one until you bow tie guys convince me otherwise.

P.S.: I don't even really think they should be compared since the lightning is a production vehicle and the JGS is a specialty limited production vehicle. But everyone is comparing the two so...

posted by  Zalight

I've never even heard of this Silverado...So yeah, comparing the two is pretty inane... All i know is anything would be better than that POS Silverado SS they have out now that can't even beat a Titan or Hemi Ram and costs $40k.

posted by  thunderbird1100

I saw the tale end of a report on it on Car and driver TV, I also so another report on it on Trucks. Once again though, I only saw the end. So I don't know much about it, But in both segments they compared it to the Lightning. I'll just go to google and search it out.

posted by  Zalight

Let me educate you boys for a min on this new silverado. First of all what you hear about the JGS having more power than the lightning is true! Unless I am mistaken the current lightning has somewhere in the neighborhood of 380 horspower. Now that is a pretty impressive number for a 2 wheel drive sport truck. However, you can now tell everyone you have heard it as a fact that the JGS has 395 horspower and 425 lb feet of tourque. And this all comes out of a 293 cubic inch engine compared to the lightning's 330 cubic inch. Also, this truck don't come in just the slush-o-matic. Standard equipment for the JGS is a 5 speed trans. Another fact for you is that that JGS was raced against the lightning at Irwindale speedway and it pulled away from the lightning by two tenths of a second off the line. I don't know aobut you but in racing two tenths of a second gives one time to stop for some donuts and coffee. As super chevy magazine says this truck is ford lightning killer on a financial diet. And as truckin magazine suggests, "Gibbs will not have a hard time selling these lightning buyers." Well now that you have been educated I will let you know that you may go trade in your ford lightning POS for a real truck at an authorized chevrolet dealership. Oh and by the way these trucks should be compared because since more than 500 will be made and since they retain factory warranty they are considered to be production trucks. Just because you are uneducated does not mean that you can say two trucks should not be compared. Next time please be knowledgeable before you put your little fingers into gear on your keyboard.

Enjoy your new bowtie,


posted by  Smokeybear0210

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