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Ok. I've been driving a Durango for the past 5 and a half years and it's been my car since I was 17. I'm about to buy a new car and I'm thinking of going with an 05 Vette. Now, I know almost nothing about American muscle cars, so I want to know just how good the vette really is. I love the way the new vette looks, but I have no idea how they hold up over the years. Can any vette owners share their experiences?

Honestly, I'm looking for that |kind" of car. Muscle. But I am also looking into German cars, mostly the 330Ci. I know they're on opposite ends of the spectrum, but I know how to bimmer holds up, and I'm looking for that kind of reliability.


posted by  Noah Neiman

If you can wait for the Z07 for the C6 vette than that would be the crazyiest ride uve ever driven. Like u said there are MANY differences between those cars. But its not like bimmers are invinsible, ive heard of many problems with them, also if u dont turn ur own rachet parts and labour charges will kill u at bmw. Maintain any car and it'll be reliable. It might seem like german cars are more reliable cause they dont need oil changes till 8000km? or was it 12000km? some really high number. Its all BS, also with some synthetic companies claiming there oil is fine for much longer. Cheapest insurance is to change ur oil at the most common interval 3000miles/5000km or 3 months. There is no such thing as changing your oil 2 often.

posted by  speedy266

I hate when people say that, probably the most un-true statement in car HISTORY.

posted by  thunderbird1100

The 05 vette(C6) has many upgrades over the 04 vette (C5) and is an imporovement over an already great car. Ive seen and ridden in both and the C6 is markedly better than the C5 in terms of material quality, looks (the car was shortened), and the C6 has an upgraded Z51 package, the same magnetic ride control, HUD,etc. However, as with any car, do not buy a car in it's first year of production. Wait for the bugs to get fixed before you purchase your C6 (besides, the waiting list is super long unless you buy one already at a stealership)

Another thing you can do is get a 04 Z06 for dirt cheap. Ive heard some are going for $40k ish. The 04 Z06 is almost identical to the C6 in terms of power, the C6 has better lower end tq and i believe the Z06 has a better top end.

The BMW doesn't have the best $/tq ratio, so if you want power, don't go that route. If you really want power, then the next gen Z06 is rumored to have 500hp 48x tq with all the goodies that came with the previous gen Z06.

posted by  importluva

ok, what i want to know is how the hell someone only 22-23 years old can buy a 2005 corvette....must be doing well :)

posted by  98bird

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