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My 97 Taurus (3.0 not usre if it matters) had a frozen caliper on the passenger side. I removed and replacewd the caliper. I had a very difficult time getting the banjo bolt out of the caliper. I put a new caliper on and replaced the copper washers that go between the banjo bolt and the caliper. The brake fluid now leaks out of what must be space between the copper washer and the square from the brake line / the caliper. Could it be that I bent the banjo bolt, and that is creating the leak, or do I have a larger problem on my hands? Secondly, where does one pick up a banjo bolt? Do I have to go to a dealer?

posted by  shluffer

When you say "replaced the copper washers" are you saying with new washers or with the old ones? They really should be replaced with new ones.

If your banjo bolt is shot, you should be able to go to your local auto parts store and be able to obtain that bolt.

posted by  theman352001

Thanks for the advise. I replaced the copper washers with new ones. It turned out to be the Banjo bolt. It was a real pain to find one (Ford didn't even have it) but the thing is fixed now. Hopefully it will work after I bleed the lines. We shall see.

posted by  shluffer

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