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Anyone know of any website's that sell some nice one's? Im looking for one's that take up the whole side of the car(Just got my body kit on my car got it painted,94 Eagle Talon Tsi 5-speed AWD) and I wanted to a nice decal on the side and then get it clearcoated. Any help would be appreciated,if this is the wrong board to ask at my bad. Not sure where this question would go...

posted by  Skyline_R34

Hmm, Talons and Decals? The Dsm community could only laugh at you.

Choose one, they all are about the same....

posted by  DSMer

[QUOTE=DSMer]Hmm, Talons and Decals? The Dsm community could only laugh at you.[QUOTE]

They can laugh all they want. LOL, Cause ill laugh with them. I just want to make my car look the way I want. No one else's oppinion matter's. LOL, But thank's for the link's. I appreciate it.

posted by  Skyline_R34


posted by  DodgeRida67

So I don't flood the forum's with my question's ill just add to this post...Does anyone know where I can get some Dashboard kit's for my 94 Talon? I just need some plate's that go over the exsiting dashboard to add some color to my dull black/grey interior. Thank's in advance for the help!

posted by  Skyline_R34

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