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Okay i am considering buying a 95 camaro 3.4L 5 speed 81k. It has two flowmaster 80 series pipes commin out the back. It was driven buy a 16 year old for about 8 months. Now he wants 5 grand it. But i recently discovered that when you start it up black smoke comes out the pipes. what could it be it couldnt be anything good. and then after running my finger in one of the pipes i get black deposits on it. So i was wondering weather or not buying this car would be worth it. Thanks

posted by  wjcros

V6 Maros are slow as hell. Get a Z/28, you can pick a 94 up for $5000.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Well its pretty hard for us to tell you if its good or not. Seeings though we have never seen it and you have given us a very breif discription. My guess with the tail pipes is that it might be running rich but i dont know.

posted by  Car Guy

Black smoke? Soot in the tail pipes? Running rich? Gee, do ya think. :banghead:

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posted by  vwhobo

what do you mean by running rich? and i would buy a z28 but im 16 as well and my insurance would be terrible

posted by  wjcros

The Insurance going from a camaro v6 to a Z/28 wouldn't be THAT drastic that you are thinking. Just get some inusrance quotes on both and you'll see what im talking about. I'd be shocked if they charged you more than $100-$150 over the v6 every 6 months.

posted by  thunderbird1100

If you are going to get you a V6 Camaro try to find one with a 3.8L engine. Those are better than the 3.4L.

posted by  Rogue97GTP

yo i got a the same car fully loaded 3.4 high flow cat 80's stanless steel wit 2 3/4 inch crome tips 5 speed also wit 800 dollars worth or rubber....but there are some things to concider......the computer might have to be up graded cause there is a fuel ratio problem wit some........i have 147,000 it haspower.....it would be great to begin wit then up grade.....and don't listen to thunderbiird cause i won't beat a z28 off the line but i will be right on your tail....plus u can do 140 if you'd like

posted by  nickcamaro

Yes you can go ahead and mod a V6 and get it up there to stick with a stock Z28..... but what about upgrading a Z28? Well if ya have the money then stick it into starting with a V8, not to mention my personal opinion is flowmasters don't sound too great on V6 engines. I wish I woulda waited a bit longer, looked a bit harder, saved a bit more, and gotten a Formula or Trans Am, or at least the 3.8L, but the 3.4 stuck its head out at me, and I said hey, nice, and it is nice....but without the money to upgrade starting with a V8 woulda been helpful.

posted by  Flame Roller

yeah i agree wit your upgrading and what not but i mean the possiblies are endless.....the high flow cat makes the flow master sound good and if u are hearin the rattle it's the heat shield...but all and all if u want it all go wit the v8

posted by  nickcamaro

hey a camaro is a muscle car yes insurance will be high no matter what, and yes it will be higher the bigger the engine but you only live once so go big or dont go at all nice choice in chevy by the way at least your not wanting a crustang!!!!!!!!!!!! My family ownes 4 muscle cars and my dad works at boeing what do you think are insurance is!!!!! :laughing:

posted by  toyota

Lol!!! First of all the new Camaros are less of a muscle car, and moreso a sports car. Secondly on a small V6 you aren't getting torn up by insurance, of course a sedan will be cheaper, but that is due to the body style not power. I drove a 99 3.4L Alero that could well beat my 95 3.4L Camaro down a strip, and yet it is a sedan, with a cheaper insurance rate overall. (of course the 4 years made it a bit more expenvise, and I had full coverage, making it 1300. Which is much more of a ripoff) The expensive insurance comes into play with many factors, but generally a mid 90s Camaro/Firebird, or a Mustang isn't going to be too bad. I am getting ripped off since I have state farm, and only pay 400 and some change every six months, granted it is plpd, but that isn't too horrible, and I know I am a decent driver and only need plpd since I won't be causing any accidents unless something seriously goes wrong.

posted by  Flame Roller

ha, new camaro's.

might as well get a chrysler sebring convertible, they look the same to me.

posted by  carls47807

man, i suggest you take a look at what you want. that dude has most likely pulled so much dirt in it you don't even wanna deal with all the shit its gunna need soon. Also, don't buy a car with flows, you can't hear if the engine is all f***ed up. and remember the best buy is from an owner who is mature and a car that you aren't tripping about spending a little more rather than getting someone elses problems

posted by  choke

What does running rich mean?

posted by  redredd

$ 5,000 bucks for a 1995 V-6 camaro. :doh: Pass on it, that car is worth maybe $ 2,500 bucks. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the V-6 camaro's and the V-6 mustangs are two of the fastest depriciating cars on the market. You can find a nice V-8 example for around $ 5,000. Don't rush, buy a car that if you need to re-sell in a year or two you'll still get most of your investment back. And you know you really want that V-8, don't ya ! :thumbs:

posted by  ode94

too much fuel in the combustion chamber.


which lets kids like me pick them up cheap, and mod them to our hearts desire.

posted by  Godlaus

Is it easy to fix?

posted by  redredd

I'm presuming it won;t require anything serious soon, such as a replaced bellhousing, but all used car's prices double thanks to repairs.

*edit* oh! running rich? you fix that by locating the problem, which could be the computer, the injectors, the pump, etc. etc.

posted by  Godlaus

Hi, I'm new here. I'm thinking about buying the same kind of car. This will be my first car. The guy is only asking $1,000. So if the computer does need to be upgraded, around how much will that cost?

posted by  redredd

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