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i have a sentra 96, sick of the poor color, no shine. so i am planning to paint a car. i know it is going to be tough for a 15 years old boy(me :) here is what i think i need to do. wash the car, sand it down to metal do i need to wait like a week?, primer it, twice? sand it each time, then base coat. done, good reslut? lol if you are have any advice, please tell me. here is my question, where i get the filler? how much paint i need for a sentra, i have a 1.3 hvlp gun, when primer, do i use a bigger tips? the hardest part is getting the paint, how many primer, base coat do i need for a sentra? how do i mix the paint, i went to my local paint store and they ask for 500 dollars for the base coat? wtf? :fu: thats like too much. i think they made 250 out of 500. so anybody know how to get cheap, online? it will help alot if some expert out there can help answering my question. :thumbs:

posted by  my sentra

You can do it. I did my first paint job when I was 15. Some of the advice, however, you may not want to hear (especially when it comes to cost...)

Ok, first off, with a Sentra, you will need 2 quarts of color, 2 quarts of clear, and the catalyst/reducer for each. the base color should be $50-80 per quart, depending on actual color, plus another $50 for a gallon of reducer, and about the same for enough catalyst/hardener. The clear will cost only slightly less (but you should be able to use the same reducer for both, check with your supplier). As for primer, unless you need to do bodywork, you won't need much primer, just a thorough sanding (well, if you're going from, say, red to blue or a lighter color, you'll need enough primer to keep the red from bleeding through).

For a more thorough response on paint prep, follow this link to where I described it in detail on another forum...

Any other questions, I'll be glad to help, as I used to do this preofessionally (now it's just a hobby, as is evidenced here: )

posted by  ChrisV

i recently painted my truck, i used spraybombs but if u want a job that looks a little more professional, i would use an airbrush. u gotta clean the car good and sand down the paint just enuff so that it is ruff, if u wanted to sand down to metal, it would take a while. take off unecisary components such as turn lights and other trim, and mask it off good with painters tape. i think u can buy paintes tape with waxpaper attched to it?

posted by  big_bawlin

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