upgrading your sentra/200sx, let's work together.

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anybody have a sentra/200sx here, i have a sentra 96, i am trying to get some people like a club. i have a sentra 96 and working on it my, i have my intake, halo headlight, tail light done, planing to do alarm and door miror, put 17 inches wheels. this week. feature, add bodykits, change bigger brake system, change ecu, put turbo, exhaust, hood, painting the whole car, change stealth corner light, tint window. it will look sick, but will take some times. is anyone working on thier sentra or 200sx right now or before, feature? i want to get some people and i will take the pics that i change my car, each parts(if their is some member)

posted by  my sentra

I have a little hobo on my back telling me you don't know the first thing about turboing a car :laughing:

posted by  thunderbird1100

what is it man? any infor will help.

posted by  my sentra

do you know what domestic means? this is the wrong place for this post man, your sentra or 22osx is not domestic, it is made in JAPAN :banghead:

posted by  freeze

lol, i am a dumbass :orglaugh:

posted by  my sentra

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