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whats the difference between firebird and trans am?? they all look the same...can someone tell me? i saw a pic of a 2002 firebird with bodykits on, it was awesome!

posted by  BigBadBrat

whats the difference from corolas and civics? they look the same? :doh:

posted by  Ki2AY

lol funny stuff man :laughing:

posted by  speedy266

so? whats the difference? i type pontiac firebird and pontiac trans am on google image search and the results are the same...it showed same kind of car...everything was the same

posted by  BigBadBrat

Alot of manufacturers have very similar vehicles under different brands. For example Chrysler Town n Country = Dodge Caravan = Plymouth Voyager. Its just a way to make money by marketing different brands mostly.

posted by  omega

It's pretty much just an "upped" version of the Firebird. Kind of how the Monte Carlo's from 73-77 have the upped version of the S-coupe called the Landau coupe. They also have the Pontiac Firebird "Firehawk."

Omega would also be correct. A lot of car manufacturers sell cars that are similar, but with different names. Examples would also be the Oldsmobile Cutlass, Pontiac Grand Prix, Buick Regal, Chevrolet Monte Carlo, and Chevrolet Chevelle/Malibu. From 73-88 these cars shared pretty much the same body style, but had slight changes to them.

posted by  76MonteMan

A Pontiac Trans Am is just the top-of-the-line Firebird. You may have also heard of the Pontiac "Formula", which has the same engine as the Trans Am, but lacks the cosmetic difference.

Base model Firebirds offer V6's, cloth interior and no fog lights.

Formula Firebirds come with V8's, different tires and cloth interior.

Trans Am Firebirds come with the same V8 as the Formula Firebird, but they also come with fog lights, leather interior, and minor fascia differences, and larger tires.

Trans Ams are about $3,000 more than Formula Firebirds while having only cosmetic differences. You may also see a few Firebirds with extra options like the WS6 option which upgrades the tires and gives you the Ram Air system which adds about 20 hp. After 2000, Pontiac only offered the WS6 package to the Trans Am Firebirds.

posted by  What

I find it odd that people who are smart enough to type a message on a message board, and apparently are car enthusiasts, don't understand the concept of trim levels. A Trans Am IS a Firebird, the same way a Civic Si is a Civic. A Trans Am is NOT a Firebird in the same way a Civic Si is NOT a Civic DX.

Of course they look the same, the basic car is the same. The Trans Am is Firbird with appearance and performance options. Like the Corvette Z06 is a basic Corvette with performance and appearance options. Like an Audi S4 is an A4 with performance and appearance options. Like a 911 Turbo is a 911 with performance and appearance options.

posted by  ChrisV

Your explanation was unneeded, the question has already been answered in detail. Not all people come to forums as a car guru, so leave the boy alone. The boy is simply trying to learn something.

posted by  What

actually "what" ChrisV's post was more explanatory.. so i dont think it was "un-needed".

posted by  Ki2AY

Both answers were great AND needed. They get the message across to different groups of people. What's was subject specific and Chris v's was more general giving other examples.

Omega's answer was more related to the Pontiac Firebird and the Chevy Camaro. Both companies owned by GM and both models using the same basic body.

posted by  theman352001

While you had answered the specific question, I was pointing out how it could be used to boost common sense when looking at cars in general. I'm not telling them they should come on here as a car guru, I'm telling people that they can use common sense and apply what they know from other examples to answer their own questions and BECOME car gurus.

It's the old proverb: give a man a fish and he eats today. Teach a man how to fish and he eats for a lifetime.

"Leaving the boy alone" doesn't help him learn anything..

posted by  ChrisV

hey everybody needs to ask and learn before they becum expert ect...
pontiac is never in my list untill i saw this firebird car at the parking lot and makes me wanna kno more about it.

so its like Jaguar S-type and Jaguar S-type R i see....

"A Pontiac Trans Am is just the top-of-the-line Firebird." that was a perfect explanation! ima get the trans am for sure!!!!!!!!!

posted by  BigBadBrat

Oh my God. Are you people that damn petty? Three of you, instead of talking about the subject, you dissected my response. Jesus Christ, you bitches....uh...people..... just get worse and worse.

No wonder there are so many arguments on this forum.

posted by  What

And all you are doing is antagonizing the people who were trying to point out that you had made an incorrect statement.

...So take a deep breath...Now let it out... and take a chill pill and soda, its on me.

posted by  Coffin Type R

Shut the f ck up, moron. You're the one arguing! You started this with your statement:

Which was dissecting and arguing with MY response. I had already answered the f cking subject, but you had to pipe up and bitch about me doing it. Hypocrite. THAT'S why there are arguments.

posted by  ChrisV

So it should just be question / answer / finished. No discussion needed?

One of the great things about a forum like this is you get different people from different backgrounds that explain and understand things differently. So while your answer, while accurate, may not have gotten though to some people, there were other answers, also accurate, that got through to the rest. What's the problem?

Actually, IMHO, I feel the problem is that text is impersonal. You can't hear my tone by reading these words. You don't know if I'm happy, pissed, sarcastic, etc just by reading the text. So the feelings that are imparted on the text are your feelings that may not reflect my intentions. Of course Chris V was quite clear in his last post though. But if there is just neutral text out there, don't always assume that somebody is trying to pick on you.

posted by  theman352001

u find it odd? you should think b4 u post. who knows if its a trim level!!! i dont know nuttin about dis car so no need to say that but i do thank you for the explanation on the second paragraph.

my Question about firebird is answered now i know whats up.

posted by  BigBadBrat

Think before *I* post? Do you know what trim levels are at all for ANY car? Could you not apply the concept of trim level to two cars of the same make that are apaprently identical except for name/equipment? You apparently already know that the two cars existed, and couldn't apparently figure out why two identical cars are called by different names. The fact that 90% of the googled images you got would have shown that they were trim levels of the same car means you ignored the facts that were already at your fingertips. You could easily have figured it out on your own from teh google searching you already did, whether you already knew anything about the cars other than they look the same but have different names.

This is the point I'm trying to make. Thanks for arguing. Are you incapable of taking something you've learned in one area and applying it to another?

Seriously, I *am* amazed that people who know enough about cars to even know that both a Firebird and Trans Am exist, and who have learned enough about the world to find a car enthusiast message board, don't already understand the concept of different trim levels.

posted by  ChrisV

"chrisv" should be banned instead of "what"

i kno dis topic is old but need to say this....chrisv is attacking new members instead of telling the fact smoothly...who the Fuk kno if its a damn trim level!you cant jus disrespect me like that. like i said b4 im new to firebirds so i have no clue how it link to trans-am.

i see theres pretty much people like "chrisv" in the world....

posted by  BigBadBrat

So, instead of learning anything, you choose to argue and bitch. No wonder you were too stupid to figure out trim levels on your own. Are you new to the english language? If yo uKNW trans ams exiost, then you simply put trans Am into Google just like you doid for Firebird. Sorry that the fact you can't makes you a retard.

Yup. People with IQs higher than three who are tired of whiny bitches like you.

Until you actually learn to use common sense, you're going to get responded to like I did. Sorry you're too immature to deal with it.

posted by  ChrisV

They'll make the average bone-head understand- the difference
Plus the fact that in a TA you get laid by the hottest chicks in town--in a Firebird you get to go to bed early and alone.


posted by  TXHP

You said you are going with a TA for sure.... what year? I wish I coulda afforded a Trans Am but the insurance is slightly more than I am willing to afford at my current status as a manager at Arby's.

posted by  Flame Roller

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posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

if you really do what a trans am your should check with your insurance agent because i have a trans am and i pay the same price for my z24 cavalier as i do for my firebird formula 1 trans am and the cavalier is 5 years older

posted by  star

way to make your first post in a 2 year old thread.... grand entrance :laughing:

posted by  windsonian

Google it before asking.... :sleep:

posted by  nightroad

...Erhm...to try and re-track this thread...I actually do have a question on them. What, does the WS6 package do to the car, cosmetically? I'm pretty sure that it boosts the horsepower up while keeping the displacement the same, but I was looking at some the other day, and I noticed bunch of them have very different hoods. Why is that? Does it have anything to do with the "Ram Air" and where can you get these said hoods?

posted by  R3537

the WS6 was originally a suspension package, with bigger brakes, swaybars, different stpring rates, and often different wheels. Later it added engine upgrades.

As for the hoods, different years had differnt options, from ram air, to shakers to turbo bulges depending on model... And there were different versions of each of those depending on year. And since this is an actual request, then my response is not an advertisement:



posted by  ChrisV

For those of us who have a tendency to come off as pompous or petty, when a newbie asks a simple question, just remember...

You may think you know alot about a particular subject, but there is always someone who knows more than you.

You may not think you are coming off sounding condescending, but if accused of such, you should go back and re-read the whole thread from start to finish, when you are calm, and see what kind of an impression you are really making on others, before you come back at your accuser with a post filled to the brim with cussing and insults.

Everyone isn't an expert on the same things as you, that's why they come here to ask questions, not to be insulted or talked down to. While you may lose your patience with them for not knowing the same things as you, keep in mind that they probably know about things that you have no clue about.

This is just my 2 cents (which may only be worth half as much being a newbie myself..LOL), but I think that the person who started this thread asked a simple and honest enough question, only to have a handful of you jump down his throat...
No, contrary to popular belief, everyone does not understand what a trim level is. Obviously, some of you disturbed and offended the original poster on this thread, judging by his responses.

posted by  SteelSpirit

I pay 938 every 6 months for my firebird and i have the lowest liability possible. Its 2400 for FC.

posted by  83transam

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posted by  chris_knows

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