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Hi all,

I have an 89vette and was thinking about lambo doors and I was talking to a corvette speciality and they said there was no kit for C4 because the hinges were offset has anyone done one or know somone who did I could talk to for more info.Any help you can give would be appericated.


posted by  Techboy07

check out - $49.99US

Lambo doors for the corvette will look sweet!

posted by  tunerdan


posted by  beauvillain

I am the vice president of the "corvette club de france"
I own a C4 1991 and wood like to convert it to lambo-doors.
my researches on the net gave nothing on USA and Europe
I m looking at this problem with a french specialist.
I will send you a message if I find anny solution by this way.
please make the same thing .
keep the wave

posted by  beauvillain

Dont gut the corvette :(

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

As a fellow vette owner, don't do it ! Why would you want to take all the value out of your c4 ? If you do it, It's gonna be a BITCH to get those doors to line up correctly ! For the money and time you waste on lambo style doors, you could do other mods like: Body kit, Rear Spoiler, Engine,Exhaust, Ect... :mrgreen:

posted by  ode94

Jesus! It's only bolting on other hinges. It simply won't devalue a currently depreciating car like the '89 enough to mention. Definitely not enough to "take all the value" out of it. hell, it won't even negatively affect the performance, but it could look pretty cool when open (kind of like when I installed suicide doors on custom cars)

I got the same crap from RX7 owners when I put the V8 in. "Don't ruin a rare car!" They aren't rare, and neither are C4 Corvettes.

The Lambodoors site has a mention of kits for Corvettes. While the initial post was from quite a while ago, the guy from France might want to check out their site.

posted by  ChrisV

the price for the lambo kit for my 98 vette is like $69.00
thats like $2,000.00 cheeper than other sites ........
if the price is too good to be true .....stay away.....

has anyone purchased a lambo kit from lambo ??????



98 vette
full exhaust( borla)
shorty shifter
super charged
ass kick'n paint job
soon to be ...
lambo doors

posted by  98vettecustom

What nobody seems to notice at that "lambo kit" website is that for $49.95, they send you instructions and a CD of the same on how to modify nearly any car to vertical doors. No kit, no parts, no specific instructions for a particular make. Thanks for your $50. Come on folks, read!

posted by  DougB

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