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what would be some minor cheap things to add to this car, 1998. I cant get anything like a supercharger or turbo to start off with... but like a good exhaust system, intake or whatever, im pretty much looking for the obvios thing like value for the price, power, and also i dont want mpg to go to far down, ive even read a few exaust systems in some cases helped mpg... i dont know too much about cars, so thats why im starting here

posted by  dan23467

I think for appearance you should make sure you have some nice rims, and not crappy stock ones unless they're already chrome. I'd also look into a nice dual exhaust system.

posted by  Gunshow

hey, i gotta 98 firebird V6 as well.....an exhaust system, i think, is the best mod for them....mine sounds so awesome but unfortunately i do not know what kind it is or how much it costs b/c previous owner put it on...i think it's the $300 magnaflow cat-back one but not sure.......i'll try to get a picture up of it

Or else click here for a whole page of pics :) (http://www.cardomain.com/memberpage/407505)

posted by  98bird

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