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I had a 1996 Cadillac Eldorado, perfect condition. About 2 weeks ago, it caught fire, and burnt to the ground, for no apparent reason. I notified GM/Cadillac. They sent an investigator out to review it. My husband is a huge car buff and knows anything there could be to know about cars and their interal parts. He had already investigated it and came up with the fact that there was an electrical short. In Cadillacs, the fuel line and the wiring lume run side by side. Not to mention the fuel lines are made of nylon... in a $45,000 car!!!?? When the wiring lume shorted, it blew a hole about the size of a pin head in the fuel line causing fuel to leak all through out the shorted line and engine. With that mixture, a fire erupted and in seconds the car had been burnt to the ground. When the investigator reported back to the representative of Cadillac, his report stated that it was "undetermined". With that Cadillac refuses to assume any responsibility and closed the file. If anyone has any situations similar to this reguarding a Cadillac or knows of anyone who has, I would love to hear about it.

posted by  Janice

dear janice I too had the exact same happen to my 96 eldorado two nights ago if you read this please give me a call at 507-452-7103 I would like to discuss this with you. thanks wally nelson

posted by  nelly99

what the hell is it with a bunch of these one-time posters resurrecting two year old threads?

is it just me, or is that happening a lot more lately?...

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You have no fricken clue how many there have been :banghead:

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i've been ignoring most of them lol

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