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I'm having some serious problems with my pontiac. I was having problems with my charging system i was getting 17.4v output from my altenator and it boiled my battery. I replaced both my battery and my altenator with new units and i still have problems with 17.4 v output . I think the voltage regulator is right in the altenator and a new unit should work fine but i still have the same problem. Does anyone know what my problem could be ? thanks in advance any help would be greatly appreciated greatly

posted by  jentre

umm i'm not sure check ur fuse box, see if you have all the right size fuses see if any are blown that sort of stuff

posted by  Neonlover04

You say "I think" the regulator is in the alternator, well you should check for sure. If it is, it may still be possible for a new unit to be faulty so I would have it checked out to be sure.

posted by  theman352001

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