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i have a 2003 dodge neon and i ordered Skunk2 lowering springs for it a week ago..... so i finally got them in the mail and i decide to put them on. that took about an hour and a half (saved 3 hrs worth of labor costs) but the thing is it bounces so much that its almost like a car where someone just cut the springs on it. its not too bad but i would like a somewhat smoother ride. anything i can do to improve ride quality but still have good handling without buying more stuff? any help would be greatly appreciated

P.S. my cousin told me that i would have to buy new struts to fit the lower springs, is this true?

posted by  kotu100

If you want a smoother ride put the stock springs back on. Every modification has it's trade-offs, you found it for this one.

posted by  vwhobo

It's best to install uprated shock absorbers to match lowering springs to avoid a bouncy ride. It might mean more money but you do get an improvement on the original handling as well as the low slung look. The ride will be harder however but it's better than having jelly like suspension.

posted by  snoopewite

If youre looking for a smoother ride try getting adjustable shock's they may help the lowing springs out...i would aslo recomend an adjustable camber kit front and rear to keep youre tires and tread wear to a minimum...all in all its not cheep to lower a car the right way...
99 civic hatchback
im setup with skunk 2 front control arms $350pr.
ingalls adjustible rear camber link $200pr.
apc coilovers$350set of 4
kyb adjustible gas shocks $600set of 4
thats $1500 doing it the right way in my opinion.....

posted by  99hatch

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