why does chevy and gmc have same engine?

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y does chevy and gmc have the same vortec engine? is it the same maker? is it like honda and acura?

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GMC and Chevy are both made by GM. GMC's usually are clones of chevys, just with different names, and a little differnet look.

posted by  Pac127

I shouldn't be doing this, but here goes...

GMC and Chevrolet are divisions of General Motors Corporation (notice the initials?). GMC is the only "truck only" division of GM. Most major manufacturers have subdivisions under them. These are separate than partially owned partners or joint manufacturing agreements. Divisions share parts and distribution networks to keep costs down, while having different market demographics.

GM is made up of many divisions: Saturn, Chevy, Pontiac, Buick, Cadillac, GMC, Opel, Holden, Vauxhall, Saab, and Isuzu, with partially owned business partners like Suzuki, Subaru, Alfa, and joint manufactuing agreements with Daewoo, Honda, and Toyota.

Divisions can be either created from scratch, or are smaller manufacturers purchased outright. In GM's case, only Saturn was created from scratch as a division, all the others were smaller manufacturers that were combined together, and bought up.

An interesting historical tidbit: the top of GMs lineup, Cadillac, was originally a car company started in part by Henry Ford in 1902, backed by William Murphy and Lemual Brown, who were disappointed that Ford only wanted to build race cars... So they booted out Henry Ford, and brought in Henry Leland, who had designed a smoother, higher performance engine for Oldsmobile that Olds decided cost too much... Leland put his new engine in Fords latest chassis, and a new car company, Cadillac, was born. It became a part of GM in 1909.

Henry Leland stayed on as president of Cadillac in GM until 1918, when he left to start a new car company, Lincoln, which Henry Ford bought out in 1922, adding it as a division of Ford...

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NO NO NO! You're all wrong! Not only are they NOT the same company, they're all made in Japan!

This thread shows the high level of lack of intelligence that has come knocking at our door.

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