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hey question for everyone, I have a 1993 Plymouth Acclaim that I want to keep and fix up. It has 100k miles and I want to re-paint it and really get it cleaned up abit and I want to get accessories like euro lights and stuff like that. does anybody know of any good websites for Plymouth aftermarket accessories like that??

posted by  jsmoov24

i had a 1994 dodge spirit with the 3.0 v6 and 138k miles great car transmition was the only thing wrong with it liked to slip once in a while, fast car if you have a 4 its not worth it if 6 i'd say keep it a sleeper there is no cool things out for spirits or acclaims no euro lights or anything keep it clean and simple, and make it a sleeper no performance upgrades really either... sorry

posted by  Neonlover04

Actually there are some pretty sweet engine jobs you can do to an Acclaim, I'm in the same position as you (but with a 1992 Acclaim 4cyl) and want to fix it up because its a solid car. Check the net for a guy called Gus Mahon, he tuned a plymouth acclaim to get the quarter mile in 12.27 seconds! That's corvette territory, although the car would handle pretty rough. Just look for an engine swap from a Spirit R/T with the turbo, factory with over 200 horsepower, and get a turbo upgrade, exhaust, tranny job, intercooler, brakes, and as far as you want to go. But there's probably cheaper ways to get a fast car. As far as exterior upgrades, you gotta do it yourself! Fiberglass bodykits were available on the Spirit R/T that might fit the Acclaim. Other than that, just drop it and give it some rims and an exhaust. That's my plan!
Good luck,

posted by  akboss302

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