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just wanted to know from everyones opinion. i have a 351cleveland in my 67mustang.. its pretty nice but i was looking around for a nicer and faster engine, what engine would yall drop in there?? and please if your an idiot and dont know what your talking about do not respond :doh:

posted by  351ci-mustang

You can already make good power from a 351C. I'd like to see that install, though, as it's a pretty large engine. Gotta be pretty tight (even though the factory did put the FE engines in that series Mustang, which was also pretty tight). If you need something more than the 351, however, you could use factory mounts to install an FE big block, which range from 390-428 cid.

There are kits to put the 429/460 in them, but it's a REAL tight fit, with custom exhaust and some minor clearance issues in some areas. But you can make huge power from those engines rather cheaply, and it's still pretty cheap to buy a 460, as well.

Personally, however, for street use, you'll probably be money ahead by searching out ways to make power from the 351. 450-500 hp is doable in relatively streetable form. That's a lot in a car like that '67...

posted by  ChrisV

yeah thats the only thing that i was worried about, it being to tight because already i dont have to much room to work on the engine while its in the car. but thanks.

posted by  351ci-mustang

cool man i got a 351cleveland in my mustang to.. god i love it!!

posted by  EzMustang

the clevelend is a good engine to work with...the clevelands weren't produced until '69 to take over for the windsor in the performance aspect. My question is, are you SURE it is a cleveland motor?

posted by  Sick88Tbird

mine is.. not sure about dudes

posted by  EzMustang

If you want a cheap 400 hp 302 email me. I" ll send you how to do it.If you want an 800 HP FE block you are insane

posted by  fgm 51

uh how cheap is cheap..?

posted by  351ci-mustang

Well jackass, the 351 Cleveland is a good performance motor...but being as you don't have a cleveland according to all your other posts, you're kinda screwed(351C wasn't produced until '69). You also said that you had aluminum edelbrock heads and listed 3 different intake valve sizes which were clearly Windsor sizes. Even if you only have a 351W...you have great potential with those heads. Those heads will easily support 400rwhp with the right cam/intake/carb/headers. Unfortunately, your incessant ramblings and bullsh*t lies lead me to believe that you most likely have neither of those engines...I wouldn't be suprised if you didn't have a mustang at all. I'm also led to believe that you really don't know jacksh*t about cars being as all you do is copy+paste old advertisements whenever someone asks you what you know about something.

BTW Captain Jackass...what's your VIN number?

One of the many that think you're a real f*ckin idiot

posted by  Sick88Tbird

um... now what EYE would drop in that there rustang are some mods on the engine u already got

posted by  crazy88

hahaha so he said he had windsor parts on a 351c holly shit what a dumbass he should have looked it up a little better before he copy and paste lol :laughing:

posted by  EzMustang

What makes it even better is that he listed three different intake valve sizes for the Edelbrock heads...which is all fine and well, but most of us who are familar with the aftermarket already know what sizes they come in.......You'd think that after spending over a grand on heads, that you would at least know what size valves YOU have.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

If you want a nicer and better engineered engine then put in a twin turbo Lexus V8 and transmission.

posted by  JRogan

You going to provide all the extra money to cover the extra costs? For the average person, you might as well suggest dropping in a Ferrari V12 from a 575M...


I mean, I like the 1UZ V8s, and would like to put one in something, as it's the only modern V8 smaller and lighter than the small block Ford V8, but the cost of working with them is pretty crazy still, as most everything has to be custom made.

posted by  ChrisV

you say you want to put in a diff engine because the 351c doesn't have enough power? Hmm...how the hell much are you looking for?

You could go for a stroker kit and get some more cubes. Or, if you really wanted more power, I suppose you could go with a power adder.

posted by  95sn95

hey whats up man the 67 mustang is a sweet ride it didnt come with the 351cleveland it came with 289 but if it was up to me i would drop a 427 shebly motor in it .casue carl shebly himself to a 67 stock mustng and made it into the 67 shebly gt 500 it was a shebly 427 it has alomost 500 horse i would go with that choice let me know what you coice to do . hey you can find me under the mustangman write me back and tell me what you did.

posted by  mustangman

Carl Shelby huh? Good job on your lack of knowledge. Please don't act like you know what you're talkin about when you clearly don't...remember...THINK, TYPE, SUBMIT

posted by  Sick88Tbird

The best way to go. is to stick with the 351w, and gert a hold of a 427 stroker kit, for what they are they are pretty cheap, plus you get the ups of both big and small block, you got cubes for tourque, and lighter internals for that awsome redline, was going to do this to my 86 gt t-top, that had a 358w and 367hp, and 448lbft with simple bolt ons, but a friend burned up the car(no longer a friend), along with the motor :evil: . but you get a rough idea anyway. i figure in NA form, with a good fuel, and induction, and ignition this combo should be good for at least 500 all around.

posted by  pewter99ck

sell that pile and buy a real car like a camaro or firebird! :fu:

posted by  toyota

*sigh* Don;t you know anything about cars, toyota? besides, it's also a person's opinion put into play. Somebody might take a mach1 fastback over a 1999 Z28 simply because they prefer it, and they are entitled to that opinion/preference. There's nothing wrong with it.

I remember somebody once said that people insult other cars to validate their choice of a car, and it seems like you're doing the same thing. Please, just don't post if you're going to do that.

posted by  Godlaus

Correction, a 427 stroker will give up about 50hp at 6000rpm when compared to a 392 stroker. This happens because the longer stroke 427 has too much piston speed for optimum ring seal at higher rpms...the longer the stroke, the more the rods will try to push the pistons sideways in the bores...enter piston scuff. But, a 427 stroker would provide much more low end torque than a 392 which would be good in a heavy automatic equipped street driven car.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

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