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Right, well, first off, my first post here, I do appreciate everyone taking time to read this and help out. Well, on to the problem. I recently picked up a used 99 Escort for good price and thought it would make a good go to work and back car, but the steering is being a bit odd. The steering wheel will turn quite a bit before it seems to "bite" and give you any real power into a turn. Id say you almost get to the 2 and 10 o'clock positions on the steeringwheel before you get any real turning in the wheels. It does this when turning both right and left and it concerns me because if I have to dodge around something or someone in the road, I want to start turning right then, not after I turn the wheel a bit. Its a 99 Escort SE with the "sport" package (which, near as I can tell, means a tachometer and a spoiler) 86k miles on the motor, and aside from needing a tune up, no real problems with the car.

posted by  Brantley

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