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Hi. Im New. (I Am From Australia)
i have just brought a 1985 Ford XF Falcon Sedan S-Pack. it was only $1000AUD. it doesnt have power steering. i want it to have power steering and i heard you can get power steering put onto it but i heard it is like $1500AUD for it. which is more than the car originaly cost.
so i want to know:

1. can you put power sterring onto this car?
2. if so is it hard?
3. is it expensive? (keep in mind im from australia)
4. would i just get it done at a normally mechanics?

andy tips or does or donts?
please help me out.

posted by  watto

Hi Watto, The power steering on an XF is dead simple to put in all you have to do to start with is go to a wrecker and get one then i's a simple procedure of unbolting your standard unit and putting in the powered one I'm suppried none of the fellows on the forum haven't come up and told you that unless you're like me on have just come on, anyway give it a try and if you have problems ask the guys a your local wrecker for advise they'll only be to glad to help. :thumbs:

posted by  Krystalg

This post is almost a year old :wink2:

posted by  TurboLag



anyways the XE-D-F are really the most undesirable cars that could ever be in existance. they are horrible looking and well just general undesirable, i dislike them a lot

posted by  CAMEL

Oh and this comes from a mini driver the worse car ever built for the rain with it's electrics up front you can't talk man.

posted by  Krystalg

Man that was a burn if I ever saw one... and funny lol

posted by  Pythias

Hey, I used to drive an XD. It had its foibles, but it went alright.

posted by  windsonian


oh yeah minis are tuff
one of the best cars ever built obviously

yep mini is so much fun in the rain, at 70 kays me = no traction at all, i love it,cept i hardly ever drive it any more, wait for it , I DRIVE A MAGNA Bwahahahaha.
nuh they are alright.

those falcons, ive never driven one, and i always say id never judge a car until i drive it, all i said was they look like a heap a shit haha :orglaugh: but thats fine maybe,

"you can't talk man."
and how so?

thats funny :clap: :orglaugh:

posted by  CAMEL

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