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Hello everyone, this is my 2nd time using this site. I'm getting to like this. However, I'm not liking my car. :banghead: I need to flush the radiator, as I have been recommended because my heater is not working. Fan blows and all, but the air barely warms up, and as the winter comes in, I'm getting worried.
I have a 97 taurus and can't figure out where the drain plug is. I found dozens of generic draining procedures, but if I can't find the plug, what do I do? I don't want to just put the hose into the reservoir and let it run all day long.
Please help!

posted by  97taurus

if u cant find your plug then just undo the return hose at the bottom of the radiator, be ready to catch alot of water though. did u buy a bottle of radiator flush?

posted by  crazy88

lol a ford taurus, my mom had that same car and had the same problem, looks like it is deffinatly clogged.
If you have an aluminum radiator, and your antifreeze "wore out" meaning the corrosion resistant properties are gone...you could be looking at a new radiator as well. Have it reversed flushed or bring it to a dealer for a second opinion if you'd like. Good luck

posted by  EzMustang

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