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anyone know if the 302 V8 from a 79 ford ltd landau has any good potential? i noticed the headers were a bit narrow, but other than that it seems like a decent engine. any thoughts?

posted by  crazy88

the Ford 302 in that car is simply a Ford 302. Which means it has as much potential as any other 302/5 liter. Since the '79 is an early smogger engine, it won't have much power in stock form, but it's soo easy to modify that stock numbers are irrelevant.

Any 5 liter head or intake manifold, or pistons, or exhaust headers etc will work. You can swap up to a modern fuel injection or run with a built carb. Put in some 10.5: 1 compression .030 over pistons, small chamber heads with big valves and some porting, decent mid-high rpm cam (like an Edelbrock Performer RPM), a tall dual plane intake manifold and 700-750 cfm Holley, with a set of equal length 1 5/8" headers, and you're well on your way to a 350 hp street engine...


posted by  ChrisV

i now have a choice between a 1973 351C two barrel or a 1970 351W for the same price, the 351W comes with tranny, the cleveland does not. id love to put the cleveland in my 1988 stang, but what i dont know is if it will fit. will either of these engines fit in my mustang?

posted by  crazy88

First question is about emissions. Most places don't like older engines in newer cars. The engine itself usually has to be from the same year car or newer. Some placed don't mind, which is how I built that RX7 pictured.

As for the other question, for the Fox Mustang, stick with the Windsor engine. The 351W is a virtual bolt in, you just need special headers, as it's a wider block than the 302 by an inch. And in this case, the 351W, being a '70 engine, will have better compression ratio and heads due to being a pre-smog engine. the Cleveland, while having lots of potential, was in a strangled form in 1973.

posted by  ChrisV

so the windsor is a good engine but u say i need different headers to make it fit. what pair of headers are more compact without being restrictive? i dont think emissions are a problem here, the city did away with the vet testing a few years back. thanks for your help! :smoke:

posted by  crazy88

Mac Products makes both full-length and shorty 5.8L headers for mustang applications. The full-length headers will require exhaust system mods...the shorty headers will bolt right in if used with an '87-'93 H-pipe and proper "double hump" trans cross-member. There are a few other reputable companies that make 5.8L headers for mustang applications but I can't remember the names off the top of my head. My advice...pick up an issue of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, you can find just about anything you need and great tech articles...5.0 Mustang & Super Fords is a decent mag too, but usually the tech articles aren't as good.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

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