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the corvette c6 is one of the best new cars i have seen

posted by  roadandtrack22

You got that right! Even though I'm contradicting what i wrote in the "Favorite Corvette year and why?" thread, I recently realized how incredibly beautiful the cars were and now the C6 is my favorite model 'Vette. The styling, updated interior appointments, the breath-taking performance. It all combines into a nice package that truly defines American Sports Car, and brings it into the 21st century!

posted by  moostang104314

just wait till they have the performance model in a year or two. when gas prices go up it seems people want more and more horsepower....I LOVE IT.....we are in the beginning of a new muscle car era. every domestic car company (GM, Ford, Daimler Chrysler) is designing new engines each over 6 LITERS! i have a feeling then next ten years will be a great time to buy a car. buy them before everything goes hydrogen.

posted by  Pac127

Its how it should be High HP i hate all this emissions garbage, gas isnt even expensive in north america, i know england pays like double what we pay if u convert the currency no wonder why they got mr. bean cars. Compare the prices of gasoline to other liquids you buy and u'll soon see its cheap.

posted by  speedy266

i cant wait to see the Z06 model of the C6...its gonna be awsome....the muscle car lives!!!

posted by  chevypwr6

I must admit: the C6 is a very nice car. The power is nice, and I really like the looks.

posted by  StiMan

How would that be a bad thing? Either certain high performance vehicles would remain gasoline powered, or hydrogen technology would improve to the point of surpassing gasoline technology. So either way, you'll still have high performance cars. :screwy:

posted by  abless

The way GM blended quality materials and refined design with road tearing performance from the 6.0L Aluminum V8, but still keeping a smooth ride, is incredible.
Keep your driving assists on, and you have a Touring car with loads of power. Turn off the Traction and Stability and you've got yourself a rubber-burning monster. If I had the money, and I was looking for any sports car, it would be the new C6 Corvette.

posted by  moostang104314

Those new vettes look like what you get when a ferarri bangs a vette!

posted by  DaytonaTurbo

lol The New C6 is nothing, i cant wait till 2006 the Z06 model is gonna be sooo crazy its gonna have a 7.0L engine with 500HP, some really fat tires on the back! And a front hood scoup and some nice lookin rims. 0-60 in 3.7?

posted by  speedy266

not to mention the new vette gets 20mpg city and 28 highway.....pure magic.

posted by  Vitamin_J

You know, while I do acknowledge the fact that the C6 is a fast, beautiful and...well, badass car. I would still never buy one, and if it was given to me for free, I would have fun in it for an afternoon and then sell it. Then I would buy another car that's cheaper but still fast, a gen4 supra RZ for example, and put the rest of the money into upgrading the cheaper car to make it just as fast as the vette.

Or I'd spend 11k of the money on a hayabusa and another 10k of it on a big bore kit, carbon fiber frame, and turbo, then go run around your C6 at 220 miles an hour with a 0-60 of about 2.5 seconds. Then spend the rest of the money on tires, cause you know I would be burnin through two pairs a day! :hi:

Yeah, I'd get the bike, screw the supra.

posted by  Zalight

Yah and if take the previous gen vette to Ligenfelter and get it stroked to 7.0L and twin turbo is, 0-60 in 1.97s, 230MPH....wats your point? You can put money into any car and make it fast, the key is buying the right car to work with...No replacement for Displacement...and make i personally think a used C5 Z06 is the best Bang for ur Buck, lots of potential with the 5.7L V8. Getting the Supra ur limting urself to the total power output of a inline 6.

posted by  speedy266

Yea, but thats why I said screw the supra, I would rather have the Busa.

But that doesn't change the fact that I would still rather have a Stock 4gen TT supra over a stock C6 Corvette, It's just my personal taste. I don't really care if the vette is faster, which it is by only a little:

0-60 in 4.9secs
QM in13.6@103 mph

0-60 in 4.3secs
QM in 12.7secs @113mph

But the Busa would rape the C6 stock,

Hayabusa GSX-R 1300
0-60 in 2.2secs
QM in 9.95secs@143.8mph

And it only costs $10,995, compared to the C6 at $45,645
So the Busa is a lot more bang for your buck and It's just cooler to say "Yeah, I own a Hayabusa." then it is to say "I got a corvette."

At least that's just my opinion.

posted by  Zalight

the corvette C6 is awesome....400 horsepower....top speed of 186 mph....but i still wish power-house convertibles would seat 4 ppl instead of 2....that would be nice, eh?

posted by  mark_X

First you cant compare a Car and a Bike, there totally not the same. Bikes are great i know, but theres alot of limits with them cant ride em in the rain. Supra and the Corvette yah everyone has there opinions I understand. Id get the Vette anyday over a Supra...mainly for style, power and potential.

posted by  speedy266

Supra and Corvette? Who the hell keeps comparing every damn american car to something like a Supra. Just NO.The Corvette is an American legend, how dare you. The C6 is a beautiful car, and I especially love the headlights. That was probably the most tricky thing for GM create. There had'nt been an open headlight Corvette for quite some time and a new healdight design could have ruined the C6 for good. Luckily the car was created with the utmost care, and the rear end is fantastic.

The new LS2 6.0L V8 does'nt fall behind, and sporting numbers like 400 across the board puts the Corvette steps closer to the Dodge Viper. My father and I went to test drive this beast ,of course I wasn't allowed to drive it, and sitting inside of a Corvette with the T-Like tops down flying on an open road is just magic. Good job GM, keep em coming :thumbs:

posted by  DSMer

Yes, i acknowledged that the C6 was a nice car, I was mearly saying I would rather have a acr that cost less with enough work in it to make it as fast as tha vette. I would especially love to have an ugly car thats cheap as hell but with enough work in it to beat the snot out of a C6, that would be especially cool.

posted by  Zalight

Recheck your Busa 0-60 time. That is waaaay too low.

posted by  abless

Anyhow, while I was in San Francisco 2 weeks ago, I went to the 47th Annual SF Auto Show. All the major (and lesser) brands were there. I did get a chance to sit in a C6, and I liked it alot. The clutch is surprisingly soft for a 400 hp car. The gearbox was very solid and the cockpit was nicely designed. One of THE best vehicles to come out of Detroit for a while, imo.

posted by  abless

You dont care wat it looks like, u just wanna pay as little as possible and be the fastest possible. Nothing wrong with that, but id rather roll in a C6 Vette thats just amazing even if a ford tempo moded to the max can take me. Because really it isnt a ford tempo anymore. If a Ford Tempo could take the vette from factory than maybe id consider it (jk), the vette as an overall car is amazing, u dont pay that much for nothing....

posted by  speedy266

Just wait till the Z06 comes out then try comparing anything under $100,000 to it, you can do it all you want but youll just look stupid!!!

The Z06 has a LS7 7.0L engine that puts 500hp and 500ft. lb of Torque to the wheels, and it is onsiderably lighter and more aerodynamic than the Viper which has equal power with nothing done to that I would like to see any Supra with so much as the same Engine block touch that...

Nothing compaires to a 200+mph car under 100k's in my mind on top of that the Vette has been a Legend since the day it hit the streets in 1953...

There are very few cars still in production that were in production in 1953 much less sports cars stop compareing things to a Vette Nothing comes close!!!

posted by  barsy07

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