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first of all, i just want to state that i don't know much about what im going to ask so forgive me if i use the wrong terms. ok, i have a 2002 cavalier 2.2L 5spd...a friend from work suggested that i get a cold air intake (he hard one on his cavalier before having to give it up to the bank) and said it would increase my HP by about 30hp, he also said it didn't effect his gas mileage.

this would be nice since 5th gear doesn't have good acceleration, and would make it better for passing on the highway without having to drop down to 4th.

just want to know if my gas mileage should stay the same, or get worse ( someone else told me it would)


posted by  jrbilodeau

I'd like to start by saying, your friend is full of it. A cold air intake will add 5-10hp on your car, at the most. It will improve gas mileage only marginally, so you probably won't notice it much. Gas mileage will improve further with a well engineered exhaust system. As you make it easier for the engine to get air in and out (like a big air pump), you will increase your fuel mileage...but this only holds true up to a certain point. A good exhaust system and a cold air kit will improve your fuel mileage a noticeable amount.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

any suggestions on what to get? i hear that K&N is pretty good for the intake

posted by  jrbilodeau

yeah K&N is good..also you should look at AEM, Injen, Greddy. Theres many other brands as well but..choose which u like the most and which on suits your budget :thumbs:

posted by  Eclipse_2004

Like 88bird said, you'll see a bigger difference if you do the CAI and the exhaust at the same time. It will sound better, get a little bit better mileage, and will give you some more horses.

And about just a CAI.. 30hp my foot!

posted by  95sn95

I wish you could make an Ecotec sound 'good'. I've yet to hear one :laughing:

posted by  thunderbird1100

your not supposed to have good acceleration in 5th.....its overdrive...good for cruising on the highway. unless your doing about 80mph dont expect good acceleration in 5th gear. and year get cold air intake but dont go and spend a boatload of cash on it, do it yourself for less then 50 bucks. all you need is the filter and maybe a little bit of pipeing or an adapter piece.

posted by  Pac127

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posted by  chevypwr6

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posted by  Sick88Tbird

oh i see...but thats ok? yea...that makes sence

posted by  chevypwr6

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posted by  abless

Ok, so it's not just me, he really is that goddamn stupid. He quotes the first sentence of my first post on this thread and tries to call that post-whoring? WTF?! I guess he didn't read the rest of that post which was full of good information.

And to JR who originally had a question, a buddy of mine was able to pull 15.1's in a completely bone-stock '03 cavalier 5-speed. Yeah, you can call bullsh!t on it because I did at first too, but that kid can drive like hell. I still can't quite believe it. It's possible, just not easy.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

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posted by  chevypwr6

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posted by  Flame Roller

Wow...I've been reading so many of the threads on this site, and it turns out that most of them usually get off subject and turn into useless arguments...

Anyways my question is, how much more hp will a whole new high flow exaust system(headers, intake, high flow cat, catback exaust, muffler) add?
On a '96 LS Integra(sorry i know its in the wrong section)

posted by  KhanArtisT

Welcome to the real world. :thumbs:

posted by  DodgeRida67

The thing is, the intake and exhaust systems arent' designed that bad on newish cars. The factory designs them for good mileage and power, not like the old restrictive systems of the old classic cars. I would think that an entire intake and exhaust system on a newish car would be lucky to get you 15hp. I've got a Plymouth Satellite with a 440. When I bought it, it had the stock air cleaner, so I swapped it out for an open bowl unit, which has the ability to flow way more than any K&N style unit made for newer cars. I noticed no difference whatsoever, except that I could tell the engine was breathing easier at high rpm, like above 4 or 4.5k. Now that little of a difference is on a big block 440 that sucks in a ton of air and gas. A 440 is a 7.2L, way bigger than your engine, and the intake did not do very much, and that's replacing an old 70's intake. I don't think replacing your intake will do much at all if it didn't do much at all to my big block. Adding 5hp to a big block, you don't notice it. Adding 5hp to your car? You probably won't notice it. Upgrading the exhaust on my 440 from stock crappy 70s manifolds to headers really helped, but that's because a 440 puts out a ton of exhaust and the stock manifolds are poorly designed. Changing your whole exhaust system and throwing on a header would get you a maximum of 10hp, if you're lucky, IMO. And remember this about your air intake. When the engine is cold, the stock air intake will in the beginning suck air in past the exhaust manifold in order to draw heated air into the engine, and speed up the time it takes for the engine to warm up, if you throw on a custom system, you will no longer have that feature, and your car will take longer to warm up when it's cold outside. As far as mileage, expect to pick up a couple of mpg with the intake and exhaust system.

posted by  DaytonaTurbo "...the stock air intake will..." NOT "...suck air in past the exhaust manifold..." on that car, sorry you're incorrect. On older carb'ed or TBI cars, yes, but not in this case. On that little car 5hp will be quite noticeable. There are dyno proven exhaust systems available for that car that will add anywhere from 10-20hp depending on pipe size and brand, as well as whether or not you slap a header on that little pig. With a full exhaust and a CAI, I would tell you to expect at least 15 more hp to the the bare minimum. As far as relating your '72 440 motor in that land yacht of a satelite to the ecotec in the little cavalier, sorry, fuel injection responds differently to mods than a carb'ed motor.

Imagine if your carb could re-jet itself over 50 times per second to suit every need and situation...that's what fuel injection is like. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to knock on your satelite because with the right work, that 440 will really rock and roll. Did you flow bench the open bowl style air clean you put on your car vs. a K&N cold-air intake for his cavalier, then calculate it against engine size and volumetric efficiency of the two engines...I didn't think so.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

I'm sorry about putting the part about sucking air in past the exhaust manifold. I was relating that because that's how it was in my daytona. And about feeling 5 hp, if you really want to believe that you can feel it, then you will. My friend did the air intake on his integra vtech, and trust me, in a drag, the extra 5 hp wasn't enough to make his car keep up with me. I just say 10hp for the exhaust system because depending on the car, many newish stock exhaust systems aren't designed that bad. But there's always room for improvement. It's just that I don't see exhaust boosting the power of a cavilier by 20% is all. Just don't go into this upgrade thinking that "I'm getting 10hp for this and 20hp for that, so I should have 160hp under the hood now". When doing this upgrade, aim for a reasonable power increase, say 15hp for the whole intake/exhaust thing, and if you get more, be happy, just don't be expecting an intake and exhaust to give an otherwise stock 4 banger 25 or 30hp. And as far as carb versus efi, I don't say that carb is better. EFI is better under daily regular driving and has good throttle response. But under wide open throttle, it's all about flow, CFM. If I throw a bigger cam into my motor, and want more flow, I just throw on a new carb and am good to go. What do you have to do to an efi motor? New injectors, electronics, ect. That's why muscle cars still rock. If I want more punch, I can just swap rear end gears, can you? Don't get me wrong, fuel injection is good, but on a stock motor, don't expect it to be all that. My daytona is fuel injected, but it's still slow. My mom's 04 corolla is fuel injected, and it's still slow, adjusting 50 times per second or not. And besides the lack of adjustability in an efi system, if something is wrong, an efi system will try to compensate and try to hide it. Volumetric efficency, power to weight, that all sounds like the BS the ricers like to use, when there are so many other factors than that.

What I'm trying to say to the origional starter of this thread is that you must expect realistic horsepower improvements from the upgrades you are talking about. You may notice 5hp on your car, and you could notice anothe 10-15hp on your car when driving it, but if you do just the intake, don't expect 15hp. And the full exhaust isn't going to be cheap. You'll want a decent size, mandrel bent, as for a header, I'm not too sure about that car. This will be faily pricey, because you've got to keep in mind that older cars had lots of room underneath to hang a 3" dual exhaust system, your car is lower and tighter underneath, so the price of a system will be according to that. When you do this, don't go thinking you can now go out and whip up on mustangs. Keep in mind that your engine wasn't designed for performance. It was designed for gas mileage and reliability. There are effective ways to get more hp out of a 4 cylinder. If you really want more power, look into what chrysler did to their 4 cylinders in the 80's, a little thing called turbocharging.

posted by  DaytonaTurbo

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