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hey my name is katie i have a dinky 87 ford escort 1.9L. i hate fords and i hate slow cars so this thing is my worst enemy. since my dad wont let me get anything else i want it to go faster. hopefully you guys can help me. anything suggestions besides get a new car or get a new motor?!?!

posted by  xxxinmychevelle

Get a new car or a new motor.

posted by  DodgeRida67

The easiest and surest way to increase the speed of your '87 Escort is to push it off a very tall cliff.

My guess is whether you like it or not, your father is using his wisdom and looking out for your best interest. I'm sure he'll let you have any kind of car you want... Just as soon as you get a job, move out of the house and start paying for EVERYTHING on your own including the car, insurance and repairs. My suggestion is to do the three previously mentioned things and purchase the car of your dreams.

posted by  vwhobo

Tell your dad to get a Powerstroke F350, put the Escort on a trailer. Then it'll go faster.

posted by  thunderbird1100

anything is possible, probably have to be alot of custom work though, which means quite a bit of $$$$.
Things you could do
Get more air in
-get rid of airbox, slap on a k&N filter, extend it down far and add a scoupe for ram air, take ur throttle body to a machine shop and get it bored out a bit
-get air out faster, slighty bigger piping, free flowing car, less restrictive muffler
-more spark, upgraded coil, spark plug wires wit less resistance, spark plugs that give more spark (silver the best conductor)
-more fuel, raise fuel pressure with a adjustable fuel pressure regulator, bigger fuel pump
-less weight, the lighter ur car the faster it will go, depends how far u wanna go with that
-light rims and lighter disc brakes for quicker acceleration
-upgrade the computer, new prom chip?
-reroute ur belts to leave out the ac
-get it to run as cooler, lower temp thermostat, full rad flush, 50-50 mix of good coolant and distilled water. Synethetic oil also stays cooler than regular oil, royal purple oil will get u some hp.
-make a custom grounding kit

if you really wanna go crazy, get ur engine rebuilt tough along wit the tranny, get a custom fabbed turbo or supercharger kit

you'll have a pretty quick car after all that

hope you win the lottery soon :wink2:

posted by  speedy266

thanx ill be poor after that. actually i foundan 83 camaro witha 350 new exohaust and new head unit froma friend for $2,000 - $3,000 so im gonna sell the little escort after fixing its faults like no heat or radio or rear view mirror and hopefully get that peice. plus my dad jsut got a 69 firebird that i get to play with.its only a v6 but its a muscle car.he finally realized im not a regular princess im a hot rod princess. ill take your suggestions and put them into the firebird. hopefully my dad will see how much i love and give it to me when he gets the 69 camaro which is already suped up and ready for the strip!!

posted by  xxxinmychevelle

Why wont your Dad let you replace the car....does he think it's far superior to anything else on the road? :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

A '69 Firebird with a V6, huh? That's a rare one. :banghead:

BTW, Firebirds ARE NOT musclecars. Never have been, never will be, especially with a "V6".

posted by  vwhobo

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