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back in th early 90's gm built these little trucks that were all wheel drive and had a turbo v-6 and would do 0-60 along side a porsche and vette. this drivetrain is still used in the all wheel drive astro vans which will stop production this year, lets take this all wheel drive system adapt the 3.8 supercharged v6 motor tuck it under the cavalier and whoa a 300 horsepower all wheel drive compact rice eater.

posted by  dmills27ny

You wouldn't be able to adapt that 4whl drive system to fit the cavalier, but I've toyed with the idea of a 260hp(not 300hp, don't know where that number comes from?) 3800 series II engine(s/c'ed) with rwd, but it requires deep pockets(my only drawback) as well as extensive electrical, sheet-metal, mechanical, welding, and engineering skills. In the cavalier, there would be no room for the transfer case as well as the front differential...even with extensive sheet metal work.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

The 3800 series motor can be worked, a place in canada will reprogram computer you can install different pulleys on the blower and bigger injectors, there are more mods out there, 300 hp is a well atainable number and the all wheel drive system is different than a 4whl drive system, look at the subaru evo. All wheel drive doesn't have a big old lunky transfer case with levers stickin out of it, oh well i can dream of gm finally doin somethin right but they won't.

posted by  dmills27ny

*red flag whips up*

theres no Subaru Evo, theres the Subaru WRX, and the Mitsubishi Evo, but no Subaru Evo.

where do these people come from?? :banghead:

posted by  SuperJew

That would be called 'one fat MOFO'. You put that awd/4wd system underneath a Cavalier its weight will most likely jump from 2800lbs to an easy 3100-3200lbs with the s/c'ed 3.8. Basically, you're hauling a lot more ass around (in the weight sense :laughing: ).

posted by  thunderbird1100

I forgot the god d@m comma and I was refering to two cars, sorry I didn't know my typin skills were being evaluated.

posted by  dmills27ny

Well now you know.

posted by  DodgeRida67

I was referring to the standard issue horsepower...yes 300hp is an easy goal to reach with the gtp engine. The awd system from an existing gm truck WOULD NOT fit due to it using a full time transfer case like I said. GM's are not "highly sophisticated" pieces of machinery...how else would the torque be distributed to the front wheels from the rear of the transmission slick. A RWD only version of said vehicle would be much easier to do and it would be much lighter than an AWD version. For a sucessful AWD version, you would need a transmission with the front axles coming out of the sides and then a driveshaft to the rear....GM doesn't have a system like this(except for maybe the new G6). Even if you did use said system the engine would have to be mounted so far forward in the little cavalier that it would be poking out of the grille :doh:

While your idea is a good one, it's simply not feasible. But a RWD conversion is possible and feasible even. Look at the new Focus RS8...it's a rwd modular 5.0L engine. Ford went to a small outside company and had them develop a complete BOLT IN conversion kit for RWD and an old school 5.0 or a new 4.6SOHC and 4.6DOHC. Ford simply took a focus added the kit and made a 450hp 5.0L displacement version of the 4.6DOHC.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

A 3800 Series II has already been dropped in a Cavalier Z24 but it wasnt converted to RWD...check it out, there's vids this car is amazing! I loved the look of the 2nd last gen Z24 when it came out, and after seeing a 3800 swap can be done without crazy body mods makes me want one now, 240HP is a good place to start in a car thats like 3000lbs.


RWD cant be 2 far of a reach now... :mrgreen:

posted by  speedy266

well, if they detract from the overall meaning/legibility of what you wrote, then yes, your typing skills are being evaluated.

posted by  SuperJew

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