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After the release of the CTS-V there has been many speculations on the future of Cadillac. It seems that American luxery is no longer the only quality that the Cadillac line up would like to posess. They want more, they want to be biggest and the baddest. With the release of the new STS, Cadillac is only going in one direction... forward full speed at the BMW and Mercedes-Benz top line luxery sports sedans...

The Highest model comes equipped with a 320HP/315TQ 4.6L Northsar V8 VVT. Yep thats VVT(variable valve timing). This car is'nt just all balls, it come with a 5.1 Surround sound 15 Speaker Bose Audio System. From what user reviews say, listening to you favorite tunes inside of a STS is almost as good as being there live. But the most amazing thing about the STS is that it has the option of a 40/60 front-rear StabilitTrack AWD drive train. Talk about Tein suspension.. Well the STS is the first and only sedan in the world to offer a Manetic Ride Control Suspension. Wich is a suspension system that updates itself to the road condition 1000x's a second to provide the smoothe as air ride. Cadillac has done the consumer the extra step to provide smart systems such as Intellibeam, that control your high beams and low beams automaticly in different situations and conditions. Not to mention the advanced cruise control technology that automaticly sensors the cars speed in front of you and adjusts your speed accordingly.

The Cadillac STS is yet another impressive model of more Caddilacs yet to come. This car is intimidated by no one, and leaves the BMW 5-Series, and Mercedes-Benz E-Class no choice but to step up and get ready to dance toe to toe with Ameircas finest, or bow down to superior performance, style, and luxery. Oh yeah and rumor has it that a V-Series version of the 2005 Cadillac STS is in the works, powered by the Corvette’s 6.0-liter V8 engine. Watch out M-Series and AMG alike, here she comes :)

Gimme some Feedback guys, what do you think of the new STS?

posted by  DSMer

i love the new STS...if i had the $$ id go for it in a heartbeat.

:thumbs: Cadillac

posted by  SuperJew

As much as the craze has been over Caddy recently I've been shying away from them... The CTS was in no way a 'big hit' for me. For one, It's ugly, I'm sorry but that shape just doesn't work for me. For two, It's underpowered, the 2.8/3.2 DOHC (which i think they've gotten rid of for this year) makes meager power and to get any real power you have to step up to the 3.6 DOHC (255hp) to haul around this 3600lb sedan which is still behind class leaders like the G-35's 3.5 DOHC (277hp) and TL's 3.2 SOHC (270hp) and also stepping up to the 3.6 DOHC and luxury sport package (to actually have the same features as the upper level G-35 and BASE TL wacks up the base price to an astonishing $40k..compared to the price of $32k-$34k for equally equipped G-35 or TL). Another thing I don't like about the CTS is the interior is definatley lacking...the TL puts the CTS to absolute shame in this area (and yes, I've sat in both vehicles...and did mention yet the TL's sound system is still the only sound system I've heard that I WOULDN'T change out for aftermarket stuff, guess that's why every place rated it had the #1 best sounding system over ALL cars made reguardless of price).

Now for the STS....I wish caddy had not just took the CTS and stretched it by a few inches and called it a new car...Doesn't work on me. Although the design works A LOT better on the bigger STS I'd still perfer the looks of the M45 and new RL over it. another thing on the STS is also like on the CTS as it's weak-point. While you can get a STS V8 Luxury for $51k, to get the Luxury Sport it tacks on another $7k (to compete with the sporty nature of the M45 and new SH-AWD RL). Again, they are losing out here on pricepoint when you can get an equilly equipped RL for $50k and M45 for about the same. Again the STS loses out the luxury battle to the Acura counter-part with interior, but I must say it is better than the lofty M45. Engine wise the 4.6 Northstar is starting to show it's age. The M45's 4.5L DOHC has 340-345hp while the RL has a SOHC 300hp 3.5L V6 (one day Honda will have a V-8)!! The RL makes up for it's lower power level by employing Acura's new SH-AWD system (which you should read up on, very cool AWD system) which im sure gives it better acceleration numbers over the STS and much better handling. As great as the sound system may be in the STS, the RL's is better, simply becuase they copied the TL's #1 rated system and improved upon it a little.

While I only touched the negative aspects of these two caddy's that doesnt mean they are totally worthless in my view. They are great stride forward for Caddy and I'm sure they will sell every last one of them. But when it comes down to it, and you look at the competition, you might think otherwise when saying they dominate their market.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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posted by  DSMer

Those cars are all well and good. But when it's time for wrench turning, they become a major pain in the ass. :banghead:

posted by  DodgeRida67

I waited months for the new STS to come out, and my waiting is finally over. I'm very satisfied with what Cadillac did in terms of aiming towards Mercedes and BMW. If I had the money, it would be the first car I'd buy, seriously. We own a 1999 Caddy STS, and it's a pretty sweet sedan. The luxury and power plus styling has been greatly carried on to the newest generation, and it should prove to be a worthy competitor to top European sedans and sell pretty well. Cadillac is slowly catching up to the world-class luxury car makers, and I wouldn't be surprised if it outsold Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

Go Cadillac! :clap: :thumbs: :clap:

posted by  moostang104314

You got some serious doubts against the new STS line up if you think that the STS is just a 6 inch strech of the CTS. Theres alot of difference in styling, performance, and technogly. Comparing other rated Japaneese luxery sedans to a true performance sedan just does'nt cut it. Caddy is'nt dominating the industry, but they are damn sure setting a mark in it...

As far as the SH-AWD system...(a somewhat knock up of the ATESSA ETS AWD system found on Skylines) well I'm not going to blatlently talk about two forms of drivetrain that have yet to be tested n prove thier worth. Now, bringing cars into the picture, such ass the TL won't due. That car would be more compartively matched with the CTS and seeing as that the CTS thread allready existed lets stick to the STS only.

The thing about the RL, is that its Japanees luxery. That car has very little if any perfromance at all. FWD underpowered V6's are'nt cutting it anymore. The RL has crappy acceleration, and lacks the fundamentals of a Luxery/Performance vehicle. Sure it can probably beat the STS in luxery aspects of the inteior, but the RL is a bitch. Of course its gonna look sweet, but will it get down like a dog? So you can leave that car to its own with a Deville or Seville, because its just not ready to play with the big boys just yet...

The M45 is a more comparible match to the STS. With a nice beefy V8 engine pushing 340HP(about 20 more than a Caddilac). RWD will push this car into the performance category with the STS and the M45 runs about $5-$6,000 less MSRP. I'll have to admit, its not that bad either. The car performs well, but has the face only a mother could love. While it may be true that this car could perform with the STS, it lacks the design quality and is too cliche for a car from Infiniti. Curvey rounded edges, shiny mettalic dash that looks like somethin from a sci-fi moive, and big alloy wheels. The M45 is'nt bad, the car is just butt ugly. Also I'm pretty sure that this car will NOT be dropping better acceleration times, track times, and or slalom. The Suspension on the STS makes up for lack of 20 Extra ponies and 15 pounds to twist.

Cadillac has more in mind of competion that piss weak Japaneese luxery sedans that can't seem to balance between performance and luxery. European automakers have been the number one contender in Luxery sedans for years upon years. Cadillac and Japan automakers are now racing for position to hold Mercedes, BMW's, Audi's, and VW's quality of performance luxery sedans. To be frankly honest, Acuras are'nt half bad, but I think the Cadillac line up has a better chance of getting down n dirty with E-Classes and 5 Series than the M45 and RL. Sure Japaneese sedans will always be an alternative to a higher priced luxery/performance sedan, but thats about all I forsee them accomplishing...

The STS has a perfect blend of performance n luxery. Its not to snazzy on the inside, and it does'nt lack that much on the performance scale. Sure it make cost $60K, but in the world of cars speed cost money... exactly how fast do you want to go?

posted by  DSMer

Yeah, 0-60 in under 6 seconds is pretty fast...

posted by  moostang104314

especially for a relatively large 4-door sedan.

posted by  SuperJew

Yes, and the commercials just make you wanna buy the car. I love the one where they have the formal music playing and the all black BMW 5-Series and E-Classes are "dancing". Then the door opens up and the STS comes through and the Beamers n Benz's back up in fear as the STS starts fishtailing in the middle of the room while Led Zepplin "Rock-n-Roll" is playing. The STS slides into drift and blows out some candles while stopping. Then the announcer says "Lets Dance". DAMN, is that marketing or what!

posted by  DSMer

That is one great commercial! Good advertising on Cadillac's part. :clap:

posted by  moostang104314

They have a variety of commercials, including smashing through sayings in glass, lighting strikes twice(the CTS and STS), a few versions of then BMW Mercedes ball commercial.

posted by  DSMer

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