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i recently bought a 2002 trans am. it is pweter, has the t-tops, is of course a 5.7 liter v8 6 speed manual, and has the hurst shifter. I have millions of ideas for things to do with it but i thought i could come here adn getsome ideas from people who know what there talkin about. any thing from the preformansce to the look to maintenance would be great. i need some expertece on how to make it look great and still be a awsome car, so anything would eb helpful, rims, paint job, engine upgrades, tires, whatever u got. and please incude a small description of your suggestion if it isnt soemthing the average person would know. pertend im stupid when it comes to these matters (not like i am of course :wink2: ). PICS AND LINKS ARE REALLY GREAT. thanks.

and on a side note, how much do you think it costs to put a sound system in a trans am like this?

http://www.conceptcarz.com/folder/photo.asp?car_id=4906&picID=17142&printAl lPictures=&whichPage=&pagesize=&autoShowID=&vehicleTypeID=0

posted by  MasterC117

2002 trans am with an ls1, GREAT CHOICE! You have a hell of a car to work with. First off apppearance. I think those cars are already beautiful but the ws6's (performance package) look even better. If your trans isnt a ws6 already you should look into buying the aftermarket ws6 hood. It looks real mean and has functional ram air. As far as performance options.......you have a rediculous amount of things you can do. Those cars already laugh in the face of most stock from factory sports cars (not exoticts obvioulsy). They run high 13's in the 1/4th mile STOCK! My suggestion for mods is utilize the power you already have (325hp & 365tq i believe). So build up the drivetrain. Like a 12 bolt rear end or even just some better gears. New torque converter will work wonders also. Ive hear of people who havent touched the engine and just building up the drivetrain that run mid 12's in the 1/4th mile. SO MUCH POTENTIAL!. As far as engine work, there are many many things you can do. Lingenfelter makes performance parts for ls1's that can leave you with a 10 second (or better) car. But they do charge an arm and a leg for their parts. Otherwise for a ton of info there is a forum im on ALOT that is for f-body enthusiasts. www.fbody.com The is a section there just for ls1's and there are some VERY knowledgeable people on that web site. When you go there and even just look at some of the rides in their signatures you will be amazed. If I could afford a that car it would be my only option. (im jealous cant you tell)

posted by  Pac127

Since he answered everything but the Speakers question I'll touch base on that.

Looking at that it looks like a bunch of 8" subs (maybe 6.5"). Do you just want the sound system to look good or actually SOUND good?

A setup like that one pictured probably costs in the upwards of $2,000-$3,000 with all the subs/amps/customboxes/install.

What you need to get first before anything else is a Decent head Unit and go from there. I recommend Alpine, Pioneer and Panasonic. All are very good quality and put out some good clean music. Then from there we can figure out what kind mids/highs to get you, then focus on getting the lows.

posted by  thunderbird1100

the first thing i would suggest getting is this.......http://www.slponline.com/view_product.asp?P=21008&BIG=21008-1

Then i would go with an exhaust......http://www.hawksthirdgenparts.com/inc/pdetail?v=1&pid=12145

intake manafold........http://www.hawksthirdgenparts.com/inc/pdetail?v=1&pid=11409

new lid.....http://www.hawksthirdgenparts.com/inc/pdetail?v=1&pid=14867


Remote Turbo setup....http://www.ststurbo.com/home

posted by  chevypwr6

Your a smart man,

If you wanna be fast, and i mean real fast, bore out the engine to 7.0L theres kits for it, theres a company that works with it, u'll be glad you did. I forgot the website, its in my gm hightech performance mag. They always have cool ideas for the 5.7L. :thumbs:

posted by  speedy266

first off i just want to say that im really glad that there are a lot of other people who argree with me on my choice, so thanks. as for the trans am, it is the ws6 so i dont have to worry about getting the ram air (it was one of the first things that attracted my attention to the car). i looked into that sts turbo and it sound like it has a lot of advantages over the normal type of turbo, but i was hoping you guys help me out a bit with that. im nat even sure if i no all the things a turbo does to a car. now dont get me wrong im not a complete moron but i dont think i know everything their is to know. plus people will say anything to sell you soemthing, so i was hoping for some advice on the matter and an estimate of how much it would cost. i also want to get a new paint job, but i cant decide what to do. im thinking of getting like one solid color with some stripes that go over the hood and spoiler (something like this http://www.conceptcarz.com/folder/vehicle.asp?car_id=5314&vehicleTypeID=) but i cant decide on the colors. i also want to put different rims on it but i cant decide on a certain look or if i should put new ones at all. that idea of the 7.0 liter engine really seems interesting, but like i said i know very little about cars, so i was hoping if you could tell me more about it. idont know if it means a new engien or just some adjustments. thanks again for the ideas and please dont stop if you gave me one piece of advice. i want as many ideas as possible. im hoping to keep this car for a long time and i want it to be something awsome.

posted by  MasterC117

first of all...i was at raceway park a couple of weeks ago for SLP's Race day...there was a guy there with an 98-02 SS...not sure of the year exactly...he had that remote turbo set-up...he swore by it if i remember it correctly. As for the color...i dont think i have ever seen a late model T/A in the color u have....i personally like black...it kicks major ass in black with the ram air hood...im not to crazy with the color combo in the pics on that link u have....a bit to much for my taste..... :2cents:

posted by  chevypwr6

There is no such thing as a torque converter on a manual transmission car.

What are you trying to get out of/do with your car? Are you interested in cornering, speed, looks, etc? We could list a thousand suggestions you could do, but it would save us a lot of time and effort if you narrowed it down a little bit. :thumbs:

posted by  abless

I highly recommend making sub-frame connectors your first mod...especially since it's a t-top car. I used to have a '97 Z28 w/t-tops.....Mac cat-back exhaust, no cats, K&N cold air intake, LT-4 chip....the car would go consistent 13.5's and chirp 2nd every time(it was an auto). After running it, the chassis twisted slightly, the t-tops didn't fit right and didn't engage properly...in fact one launched clean off the car while doing 90. Sub-frame connectors will drastically increase the chassis's rigidity. It will also improve handling but only marginally. I ended up getting rid of that sh*t-box because it was just too much of a pain in the ass to maintain and I hated the way it rode...the brakes almost felt as though there was no power-assist, seems to be common in those cars.....hope they changed all that by '02.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

Definatly strengthen the frame...t-tops weaken the frame alot. if u end up runing high HP numbers you can definatly end up bending somthing and that will definatly ruin your day.

Sub-frame connectors...front and rear strut braces...thicker front and read sway bars..just to name a few

posted by  chevypwr6

i own a modded LS1 but it is in a Holden Monaro GTO ( www.hsv.com.au )
IT is a great engine becareful it is very easy to do things that will not mix and end up slowing the car down. it is a great engine to mod but it can be tricky.

posted by  MONARO

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