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Hey i just bought an 02 2door cavalier (5 speed) but it has the 2.2 L4 engine in it runnign stock abotu 115 HP.. now is it possible without spending an insane amount of money and having to rebuild the engine ( so no turbos or nos) to bring it close to 200 horse.. and what i would look into and the costs.. im thinking a nice exhaust a cold air induction. maybe a new chip and some better pullys and such.. any suggestions?

posted by  Jaay

You might need to dish out some cash, but it can be done, check out RSM Racing they do work on cavaliers

Intake, Free flow cat, free flow muffler, Upgrades to the ignition, adjustable pressure regulator? raise the psi. RSM can do things like bore ur Throttle body, Head work new valves and valve springs, port and polish that should help. They make custom pullies, lighter than any other retailer.

posted by  speedy266

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