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Anyone know what this thing Cobalt I am seeing on TV exactly is. I think it by a Street Racer.

posted by  Wasabiobys

great car! i wanted to get it although im not a fan of domestic cars... looks pretty nifty to!

posted by  Ki2AY

yeah I know it a saturn redline but with no rear or third door sounds weird but ck the specs diff body but all the rest is the same red lines kick some serious plastic ass

posted by  tyfi

1. Yes, it's a car. The replacement for the Cavalier.

2. "Street Racer"? Nope, "it by" Chevrolet. :banghead:

Really? Do ya think? Are you sure? Actually the Cobalt is BASED on the same platform (Delta) Saturn Ion. The Red Line is a performance version of the Ion. But to say "it a saturn redline but with no rear or third door" is simply ludicrous. Unless you want us to believe the 145 horse 2.2 liter Cobalt 4-door "it a" the same as an Ion Redline with the 200 horse supercharged engine. It just doesn't wash.

posted by  vwhobo

I would'nt call it that crazy. Without the rear third door probably implies that hes speaking of a coupe. Wich in that case comparing a Redline Ion to a base model Cobalt sedan would'nt be fair. I think hes referring to the SS form of the Cobalt. The one thats also supercharged, and has 205HP. So if they are based on the same platform, I'd have to say these two cars share a striking mechanical, accesesory, and MSRP resemblance in both Redline-to-SS and Sedan-to-Sedan.

I don't quite know what your definition a "street racer" is, or why that the Cobalt made by Chevrolet prohibits it from being such; but I'd have to say this new Cobalt resembles what most people would refer to as a "streetracer" type of car.

posted by  DSMer

The cobalt should be good for sales. I like it to.

Anyone have any idea wat superchargers will gm be using in the cobolt?

posted by  speedy266

WAKE UP! Five posts in this thread and you are the first person to use the word "crazy". Blatant attempts to put words into others mouths (or posts) is not a good way to make friends and influence people. Beyond that I would agree with your first paragraph in principle, but... To do so requires us to draw conclusions by making assumptions. If that's what someone means to say (or type), then they need to say it.

As for "my definition" of a "street racer". First off any person with a clue knows that the term "street racer" is an oxymoron of the worst kind. The street is not a place to race, but lets go with the concept of it for just a moment. The Cobalt SS has 205 advertised hp and weighs right at 3000 pounds, not exactly an advantageous power to weight ratio. It's front wheel drive and most will come out of the factory as automatics no doubt. Did I mention a 0-60 time around 7 seconds and a 1/4 mile in 15. Street racer my ass.:asshake: My daily driver has the same horsepower, more torque and weighs 1700 pounds. My friends and I can't wait for an SS or Redline owner to show up in the pits with some green and show us how fast his "street racer" is. :thumbs:

posted by  vwhobo

Hmmm, I never really thought of the word street in streetracer. Meh, I figured most people would think of a street racer as like an Sentra SE-R, Ford Focus SVT, or Mazda Speed Protege`. You know, small cars with a little "umph" in stock from. As for the crazy part, I was only playing off your use of the word ludicrous.

posted by  DSMer

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