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If anyone wants me, i'll be wallowing in the misery of being forsaken by Dodge. :(

Ever since i learned what a gas pedal is, i've wanted a Viper. I've wanted a viper since i could talk... Well, okay, the viper hadn't been introduced then...

But still. That was when they had shape, and looked like they could eat the road all day. Now...

Now they look like all the other cheap Lexus junk. They're "show" cars now, which means all the cuves are gone.

There are sharper lines along the side, and it outperforms all the other vipers, but it looks too trendy. I say bring the curves back. I want a VIPER 8) when i have enough money to get one (which might not happen for a few more years) not some rip-off toy car looking thing. :x

I'm sure it still drives like a Viper, but it used to be, i'd see one of these marvelous vehicles, and freeze. I'd see a shiny, curvy, phantomlike display of pure power and grace, and struggle to stay concious.

Now, i see a Viper on the road, and go... "meh..."

I'm serious. I want to buy a new Viper, not go on ebay and look for a preowned Viper judst to get the shape i want.

What do you all think? (and BTW, i'm new on the forums. Hi everyone!)

posted by  Chekr

I agree 100%. The New Viper isn't have the car (looks wise) that the old one was. Now, maybe it will be better when we see a GTR model, but I don't too high of hopes.

posted by  Widowmaker2k

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