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I have a 96 Ford Escort 1.9L engine in a race car. The engine is new. Has about 200 miles on it. It is low in power. Meaning that my shift point from 4th to 5th has move about 500 feet down th track. We replaced: Fuel pump, fuel filter (and checked fuel presure 30ftlbs at idle), O2 sensor, fuel injectors, fuel injector presure regulator, alternator, relays (ignition and fuel pump). Checked timming belt and MAS. Both looked OK. Does anyone have a suggestion?

posted by  rwbauman

What do you want?

Are you asking to see if something is wrong with your car, or do you want to tune it to make it faster?

posted by  abless

You need to get rid of that shit-box, boat-anchor engine. A 1.9L is more suited to a go-kart I would put small children on...if you want a "race" car and are still looking for a smaller ford motor, go with the 3.2L Taurus SHO motor from the early to mid-90's...the quad cam motor. The top ends on those engines were built by you can bet they'll perform.

If you MUST stick with a 4-banger, at least use a 2.3L turbo motor. But a 1.9? Come on man, it's time to get serious.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

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I'd start with some diagnostics with it. Ford always had a problem with their small displacement engines running lean. Use a larger spark plug gap to see if that helps ur problem. Most drivability problems are something simple. Start with a compression test then go from there. 150psi. most the time is a strong base.

posted by  JustinGM

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